CenterLine Weld Guns

Complete Solutions:

CenterLine has a broad range of proven resistance welding gun solutions. The CenterLine product range includes:

  • Basic solutions to satisfy your general needs
  • Custom solutions to address your unique requirements
  • Innovative solutions to meet your future needs

 Low-Impact Operation:

Standard CenterLine solutions all offer low-impact operation. Our STAAC air cylinder, OHMA air/oil cylinder, or servo-electric actuator, will help ensure you can:

  • Maximize up-time by decreasing wear
  • Reduce operating cost by maximizing
  • Consumable life
  • Minimize noise
  • Decrease shock and vibration
  • Minimize electrode skidding
  • Control dimensional variation
  • Improve weld appearance

Styles of guns:

  • C Guns
  • Pinch Guns
  • Nut Weld Guns

Methods of Gun Actuation:

  • Air (STAAC Transguns)
  • Hydralic
  • Air/Oil (OHMA)
  • Intensifier
  • Servo-Electric

Contact T. J. Snow today for help selecting the correct CenterLine Resistance welding gun for your application, whether robotic or manual.