WTC / Medar Controls



The MedWeld 3005 Control product line from WTC is now obsolete. T. J. Snow has secured a limited number of never used 3005 Integrator Kits. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to purchase the complete kit and secure spare parts for your control moving forward.

WTC MedWeld 3005 Integrator Kit includes:

  • 917-0050 Medar CPU with T93300-00-24
  • 1650 amp SCR (bracket mounted)
  • Firing board (bracket mounted)
  • Interface cable (CPU to firing board)
  • Operator’s Manual

*Does not include Data Entry Panel*


  • Free format programming
  • 99 fully programmable free form weld schedules and heat steppers
  • Welding data monitored on 1/2 cycle basis
  • Automatic voltage compensation and current regulation
  • Automatic re-weld on low current fault
  • C-Factor (useful in monitoring deterioration & shunting)