industrial process cooling banner with chillers

CHATTANOOGA, TN. —- After forty years of distributing several well-known brands of packaged industrial water chillers, T. J. Snow Company of Chattanooga, TN, recently introduced its own complete line under the name Industrial Process Cooling (IPC).

T. J. Snow originally entered the chiller market in the 80s to provide recirculated cooling water for its line of resistance welding machines. However, the company soon started selling chillers for a diverse range of applications.

Standard IPC chillers carried by T. J. Snow stock range from ½ ton to 20 ton, and larger sizes are available up to 200 tons.

Industry veteran Don Joyce recently joined the company to head up its nationwide IPC sales efforts. Don has been in the chiller industry for most of his career and previously worked with T. J. Snow as a consultant.


For more information, please contact

Don Joyce at (980) 241-3970 or email

Chris Collis at (423) 255-3747 or email