CHATTANOOGA, TN. —- T. J. Snow Company is pleased to announce a calibration and certification program for resistance welding machinery. Building on 58 years of specialized service and repairs, T. J. Snow now offers a complete and thorough evaluation of a company’s resistance welding machinery, regardless of brand or type.

The new program includes a detailed inspection of a plant’s resistance welding machines using specialized test instruments. Tests include checking the resistance of the welder’s secondary loop and the consistent delivery of welding force and current.

Additionally, all the welder’s secondary components are evaluated, including secondary bolts, electrodes, tooling, air systems, water circuits and weld control.

All inspections are performed by one of T. J. Snow’s American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Resistance Welding Technicians. Should the need arise, minor fixes or adjustments can be addressed during the inspection. A detailed T. J. Snow Welder Evaluation Report and a dated certification sticker will be issued upon successful completion of the inspection.

T.J. Snow’s reputation has been built by helping customers succeed with the resistance welding process since 1963. The company offers new and used welders, supplies, training, and service.

To receive a quote to come examine your company’s resistance welding machinery, please contact Josh Garmon at or call (423) 894-6234. For more information, visit