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T. J. Snow is the industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of new, custom and used resistance welding machinery, parts, supplies and accessories.

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The Resistance Welding Leaders

T. J. Snow is the industry-leading manufacturer and supplier of new, used and custom resistance welders including press-type spot welders, automated multi-gun spot welders, rocker arms, heavy-duty projection welders, seam welders and butt welders. We also stock the nation's largest inventory of resistance welding consumables and supplies - electrodes and tips, weld controls, weld checkers, seam weld heads and transformers.

Our full-time Service Department can assist with any issues you are facing with your resistance welding machinery or process including installations and upgrades, welder repair, set up and weld schedule development, and welder evaluation and calibration.

Proper training of your resistance welding operators and personnel is critical to the success of your manufacturing process. T. J. Snow excels in resistance welding training. We offer a variety of interactive training options that can fit your company's needs and applications.

Helping Customers Succeed With Resistance Welding For Over 60 Years

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Welding Machinery

New, Used & Custom Resistance Welding Solutions

Utilizing our experienced in-house engineering and complete CNC machine shop, we offer standard and custom designed resistance welding machines including Spot & Projection Welders, Seam Welders, Butt Welders, Multi-Gun Welders and Automated Robotic Systems.


Spot Welding Consumables, Parts & Supplies

T. J. Snow carries a full line of resistance welding electrodes, electrode holders, inserts and accessories. We offer the nation’s largest selection of spot welding consumables that are ready for shipment at a competitive price. Order spot welding supplies on our online store.

Service Department

Service, Repairs & Maintenance from a Trusted Name in the Industry

We offer one of the world’s only dedicated Resistance Welding Service Departments. Our experienced technicians can assist you with any trouble with your resistance welder including installations and upgrades, welder repair, set up and weld schedule development and evaluation.

Training Seminars

Spot Welding Seminars Taught by the Experts

We understand that the success of your resistance welding operation is dependent on the proper training and knowledge of your operators, maintenance personnel, engineers and managers. T. J. Snow offers a variety of first-class training including in-plant and virtual options.

Industrial Water Chillers

With decades of experience selling industrial water chillers, T. J. Snow is recognized as a trusted source for these important, yet often overlooked process components. Our focus is on self-contained, air-cooled recirculating water chillers. We house a large stock of 1/2 ton to 20 ton capacity chillers with larger sizes available to order.

Spot Welding Electrodes

Diverse Inventory of Resistance Welding Consumables

T. J. Snow carries an extensive line of resistance welding electrodes, tips, inserts and other spot welding accessories. We represent all major manufacturers including Tuffaloy, Centerline, ENTRON, and RoMan Manufacturing. Our aim is to serve you with the best resistance spot welding supplies at a fair price with fast shipping and great customer service!

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About T. J. Snow Company

T. J. Snow Company was founded in 1963 by T. J. “Jim” Snow, Sr., whose values continue to drive our growth and success. He believed that metal fabricators deserve service, expertise, and fair prices on Resistance Welding Machinery and Supplies. Thanks to this philosophy and strong foundation, we’ve developed a global customer base that relies on T. J. Snow Company’s dedication and consistency.

T. J. Snow has only increased capacity over the past 60 years, and in 2010, the company moved to a new 52,000 square foot facility on more than 12 acres adjacent to the Chattanooga Airport (CHA) in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We stock the most diversified inventory of Resistance Welding Equipment and Supplies in the country. That means sudden service when you place an order!