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T. J. Snow carries Harms & Wende, a manufacturer of sophisticated mid and high frequency resistance welding controls. The Harms & Wende resistance welding control product line provides maximum functionality and flexibility by leading the market in adaptive, mid-frequency spot welding controls that are ideal for spot welding aluminum, mild steel and stainless. The Harms & Wende control provides a superior system for adaptive MFDC Aluminum welding. The broad range of compact and optimized controls work seamlessly with a variety of applications and processes such as spot, projection, seam, flash butt, butt and micro resistance welding. The resistance welding machine controls are reliable products with a high degree of process stability.

PRODUCTS: Resistance Welding Controls

MFDC and AC controls

300-4500 Amps
Air & water cooled

Genius HWI Controls

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Ideal for Cross wire welding

Sinius (1,000 Hz)

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Adaptive IQR

Harms & Wende resistance welding controls, equipped with Adaptive IQR, offer powerful process control through monitoring and testing systems that identify variances and adjust the control accordingly without additional programming.  Through development of the IQR adaptive control system, Harms+Wende has set the standard for simplifying high quality resistance welding. The Harms & Wende product line of resistance welding machine controls allows a variety of materials, as well as high and ultra-high-strength steel grades, to be joined quickly and economically.

Due to the resistance of the current passing through different metals and well as machine and tip wear over time, inconsistencies occur, and are difficult to pinpoint without extensive troubleshooting. The H&W next generation of resistance spot welding control, equipped with the intelligent IQR algorithm, provides rapid correction of anomalies in the resistance welding process automatically by sensing variations of resistance during the weld and makes corrections by changing current (and optionally weld time). The control is equipped with the ability to sense these slight changes and adjust the weld as it progresses, without the need of additional programming by an engineer or operator.

Please contact T. J. Snow to learn if the IQR Adaptive Resistance Welding control is a good application for your resistance welding process. Harms & Wende offers one of the only adaptive controls for Aluminum resistance welding.


Perfection in Engineering

Harms & Wende offers concepts for resistance welding which are tailored for customer’s specific requirement. For your resistance welding applications, we offer welding controls with mid and high frequency operating systems including 50/60Hz, 1kHz, 10kHz.

Our Portfolio maintains control systems for stand-alone machines, as well as networked plants, with our flexible device technology. Use our longtime know how at welding techniques, whether AC, MFDC (1kHz) or HF (10kHz).

Available monitoring features include:

    • I – Inspector = monitors CURRENT
    • U – Inspector = monitors VOLTAGE
    • R – Inspector = monitors RESISTANCE
    • H – Inspector = monitors CURRENT REGULATION LIMIT
    • S- Inspector = monitors DISPLACEMENT
    • SP – Inspector = monitors SPLATTER


 Download the our Industrial Solutions brochure for additional information.


Ideal for a variety of resistance welding processes including

  • Spot welding
  • Projection welding
  • Cross-wire welding
  • Seam welding
  • Butt welding
  • Flash-butt welding
  • Automated applications
  • Manual applications

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