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T. J. Snow offers a full line of Stud Welding equipment from HBS, the premier Stud Welding equipment company. Stud Welding is simply the attachment of a stud to a metal surface without adding or removing any material in the process. If done correctly, the weld is stronger than the stud, and if the base metal is thick enough, often no marking appears on the far side of the metal where the stud has been attached.

The studs can range from small locating pins and threaded studs to a 1″ (25mm) diameter threaded stud or shear connectors (an unthreaded stud used in construction). Special studs also exist for securing insulation to metal ductwork and panels, for providing electrical grounding terminals, and for a host of other applications.

Stud Welding can be done using a manual handheld gun, a handheld gun with an autofeeder, a gun mounted on a stand, or a fully automated gun on a multi-axis CNC table that can feed multiple types of studs and accommodate multiple guns. HBS equipment offers solutions for all of these options.

In addition, HBS has a unique nut and spud (pad) welding process that uses a magnetically-controlled rotating ARC to create heat for welding the nut to a metal surface. This process (MARC) is patented and is unique to HBS.

Contact us today for assistance in selecting the correct stud welding equipment for your application. We have stud welding equipment in-house for testing of applications.


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