Transformer Repair Service

T. J. Snow’s Transformer Department is prepared to get you running again in no time with:
  • Rebuilt and New transformers in Stock
  • Exchange Program or rebuild yours

We offer transformer repair service for machine style, fixture style and 3-phase frequency converter (Sciaky) style X-formers.

Many times it is faster and more cost effective to have your transformer repaired than to wait for a new replacement. Our service department is available to help you determine the next step.

Typically, there is not a direct replacement for the old style machine transformers and most customers find it easier to get the transformer rewound. The alternative to rewinding is to purchase a new transformer and updated adapter plates and pads to support the modern style transformer.

Call us for your transformer questions, and check out our competitive prices. A fee based expedited service is available upon request.

If you think you are having transformer problems, we have put together some transformer troubleshooting tips. If you have further questions or need further service help, feel free to contact the T. J. Snow Service Department.


Rebuilt and New Transformers : ready to ship.