Portable Spot Welding Guns

T. J. Snow is a distributor of Transgun and Cable Type Weld Portable Resistance Spot Weld Guns and accessories. We are well versed and familiar with a variety of brands and models. Whether your needs are basic or unique, we have the solution.




ARO Technologies supplies integral-transformer portable spot welding guns ranging in size from 15 KVA to 137 KVA . Scissors-type and C-type models are offered, and various arm lengths and configurations are available. ARO Portable weld guns are designed for industrial high production and are extremely compact. They are ideally suited for production line use. ARO Ergoline Heavy Duty Industrial Portable Transgun line and other models are available.


Based in Italy, Tecna makes a range of hand operated spot welders from 2-6 kVA and hanging spot welding guns from 16 to 38 kVA. Light, medium and heavy duty C-type and Scissor-type models are offered with various arm lengths and configurations.



Milco features Servo, Modular, and Fixture style portable weld guns. Milco has been making servo guns since the late 90s, as well as standard actuated guns.


CenterLine has a broad range of proven resistance welding gun solutions. The CenterLine product range includes basic and custom solutions to address your requirement.

For more information about portable spot welding guns or help sizing a gun to your application, please contact T. J. Snow for assistance.



Spring Balancer

T. J. Snow offers a variety of capacities, ranging from .5 lbs to 395 lbs. Spring Balancers are essential devices that improve productivity, minimize line operator labor and reduce long-term damages and wear to hoses, cables and tools. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, small tools, industrial suspended welders and multiple screw drives.

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