Resistance Welding Resources Available

RWMA (Resistance Welding Manufacturing Alliance) Welding Manual

The Revised Fourth edition represents the latest and most complete compilation of resistance welding information. From process materials to equipment, the 460 page manual covers it all.

Preview: RWMA Welding Manual 

The Stanley Book on Resistance Welding

By Wallace A. Stanley

First published in 1950, this book is a precursor to the RWMA Manual. It is a great resource that clearly and concisely defines the basics of resistance welding wit text and illustration. Highly recommended!

Preview: The Stanley Book on Resistance Welding

Resistance Welding Schedule Development: Process Windows and Weld Lobes

By Bob Szabo

This book explains the concept of weld lobe development, which is a basic ingredient for success with the resistance welding process.

Preview: Resistance Welding Schedule Development

Resistance Welding Safety for Operators

By Bob Szabo

Resistance welders are electro-mechanical machines that can be dangerous if not understood and properly.

Preview: Resistance Welding Safety for Operators

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