Flash Welding Machinery

Heavy-Duty Resistance Flash Welding Machines

Flash welding brings two pieces of metal together during the arc-flash process and welds them together end to end.

Size 3/4 Flash Welders Available from T. J. Snow!

Standard Features of T. J. Snow's Flash Welder

  • Hydraulic Servo Control for Upset Speed and Distance
  • High Force Hydraulic Clamping
  • Recipe Programming on the HMI
  • Pre-Heat, Post-Heat, Quench and Temper Settings
  • 150 – 300 kVA
  • Up to 50,000 lbs. of Upset Force
  • Up to 100,000 lbs. of Clamp Force
tj snow flash welder

TJS Size 3/4 Flash/Butt Welder

flash welder sparks

Applications for Flash Welders

  • Flash weld round, square and rectangular solid steels and tubes
  • Butt welding
  • Upset/metal gathering process

Cell Dimensions

  • Length – 115″
  • Width – 104.5″
  • Height – 71.75″