ATek Resistance Welding Controls

The patented TruAmp Welding Controls with integrated monitoring have many features that ensure a great weld every time. It comes in several different flavors so it can meet your unique needs.

TruAmp – High Precision AC Resistance Welding Controls

ATek’s TruAmp AC welding controls can repeatedly hold a secondary weld current to a tolerance of 1% and have built in monitoring. See if the TruAmp III, TruAmp IV, or TruAmp V are a good fit for your application.

ATek TruAmp Weld Control


Service, Support, and Replacement parts

TJ SNOW offers full support for the ATek TruAmp product line, with stock of spare and replacement boards, coils, and upgrades. Contact the T. J. SNOW service department for more information.

Obsolete Items

ATek Stand-alone Weld Monitors and Weld Checkers have been discontinued (models 8100, 8160 and “Portable Precision Weld Performance Analyzer”). TJ SNOW has many other resistance welding monitor options for you to choose from.

The ATek Mod-U-Weld weld control has been discontinued. We suggest using the ATek TruAmp family instead.