Resistance Weld Cylinders

Pneumatic spot welding cylinders are widely used to generate the localized forging force required to alloy the molten areas together and form a weld nugget. They are widely accepted within the Resistance Welding industry because they are simple, economical, durable, and easy to install. They can produce thousands of pounds of force over a broad range of velocities; cycle at high speeds without overheating; and stall without internal damage. And they readily tolerate tough conditions such as high humidity, dusty environments, and repetitive high-pressure wash downs.

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Standard cylinders in resistance welding are outlined below, but custom configurations are available.

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Types of Resistance Weld Cylinders

Dual Acting Weld Cylinders

Air moves the piston in both directions using a dual port, but without a stroke adjuster. This cylinder option is the most inefficient in most applications as the rear chamber has to be filled completely between each operation.

Adjustable Stroke Cylinders

An adjustable stroke cylinder provides an additional stroke that allows the weld tips to have a retracted position (All the way open) another middle position (a smaller gap but tips not touching) and then a weld position (tips touching) typically with 3 or 4 ports. The operating stoke can be adjusted from zero to the maximum stroke of the cylinder. Adjustable stroke cylinders with stroke adjustment are more efficient than standard dual acting because no more air is used than required as it is set. Typically an external stroke adjustment is located on the top of the cylinder.

Adjustable Retractable Cylinders

The Adjustable Retractable cylinder retains the adjustable feature to set any required stroke position, in addition to open to a fully retracted position. It is necessary to have a 3 way valve, as well as to provide higher pressure on the retract piston over the work piston.

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Brands and Suppliers of Resistance Weld Cylinders

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ARO / Savair Weld Cylinders

ARO/SAVAIR cylinders are available from T. J. Snow in a range of configurations and sizes.

The pneumatic servo driven cylinder combines the best of both electric servo and pneumatic cylinders, in a simple design.

Advanced Cylinder Products manufactures quality dual and triple piston weld cylinders in a wide range of configurations and sizes.

OHMA is Centerline’s air over oil weld cylinder ranging in sizes from 1-3/4″ to 2-5/8″ bore.