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Optimize Your Resistance Welder with a QWAK

Quality Weld Assurance Kit

Includes Your Choice of Weld Checker + Force Gauge + Other Tools & Resources

This complete kit for analyzing & setting resistance welding schedules is now available. Your T. J. Snow inside sales rep will be glad to assist you in choosing the correct kit for your spot or resistance welding application. Contact them today.

Optimize Weld Schedules

Even for new material thicknesses

Analyze Operating Parameters

Resolve developing issues

Diagnose Resistance Welder Problems

Before serious production issues occur


1) Your choice of Weld Checker


Portable, hand-held unit

Dengensha WS-100

Portable, hand-held unit

Dengensha WS-80

110v plug-in model with thermal printer

Miyachi MM-315A

Portable, battery-operated model

2) Your choice of Force Gauge

Tuffaloy DLC Series Force Gauge

Digital, electronic

Tuffaloy Standard-Hydraulic Force Gauge

Sizes range from 600 lb to 10 tons

APS Digital Force Gauge

Range: 100 - 3,000 lbs

APS Analog Force Gauge

Range: 200 - 2,000 lbs

3) Also Includes:

All items packaged in a sturdy aluminum carrying case!

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