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Welding Electrode Holders

Tuffaloy’s family of Resistance Spot Welding Electrode Holders are recognized as dependable, versatile, well engineered products to meet the needs of the resistance welding industry. There is an electrode holder to fit the needs of an ever changing product workplace. Below are the different families of Welding Electrode Holders:

Cylinder-Mounted Multi-Spot Holders

Cylinder-Mounted Multi-Spot Holders are commonly referred to as barrels and clamps or offset welding electrode holders. These products mount directly on the end of pneumatic or servo-driven devices. They are water-cooled, and the current is electrically isolated from the cylinder or servo. Replaceable threaded adapters are used to increase service life.

Electrode Adapters

Electrode Adapters are threaded inserts used in many holder systems to make the tapers replaceable. This reduces downtime and the cost of repairing faulty damaged tapers. Electrode adapters are also used to extend the length of holders or to change the tapers to a different size to accommodate a change in the product being manufactured.

Straight Welding Electrode Holders

Straight Welding Electrode Holders are used on standard press welders and rocker arm spot welding machines. The barrels are made in both standard copper for high conductivity and Class 2 Premium for improved strength and life and even nickel plated to protect the product from long term affects of oxidation. The electrode holders are also available with ejector systems to aid the removal of electrodes.

Offset Electrode Holders

Offset Holders are made to reach those hard to get to places. They are made with Class 3 castings to give them strength and rigidity. Like the straight holders they also can be purchased with ejector systems to make electrode removal easier. The holder life is increase by using threaded adapters which can be replaced when the tapers become worn.

Platen Mounted Electrode Holders

Platen Mounted Holders are used on press welders and as tooling components in many fixtures. They are often employed as lower holders in back up tooling situations. Several holders can be mounted together and used opposite cylinder mounted welding heads. These holders come with permanent tapers and with threaded adapters.

Fast-Follow-Up Electrode Holders

Fast-Follow-Up Holders (low inertia) holders solve the problem of maintaining adequate weld pressure on rapidly collapsing projection welds-with fewer set-up problems and reduced maintenance.