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Learn to Make High-Quality Welds in a Production Environment

Proper Training is Key!

Because training is critical to the success of your resistance welding operation, T. J. Snow offers Resistance Welding Regional Seminar Classes throughout the Eastern United States at local conference facilities. Our customers tell us that training increases production, reduces downtime and prolongs the life of consumables and the machines themselves - thus producing a significant cost savings.

What You Can Expect

Buckle up! Our eight hour resistance welding courses are a full day of interactive and intensive classroom-style training designed to leave you with an increased understanding and comprehension of how to make consistent high-quality welds in your production environment. Our training seminar classes are an invaluable resource for your weld operators, maintenance personnel, production managers, and engineers.

Learn From Our Expert Resistance Welding Instructors

Not only will you receive a full day of training from one of our own AWS Certified Resistance Welding Technicians (CRWT), you will be able to ask our technicians specific questions as they relate to your company's resistance welding process.

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Two Unique Courses Available

An invaluable day of training for your team

Unlocking the Mysteries of Resistance Welding

“Unlocking the Mysteries of Resistance Welding” will cover all types of resistance welding with special emphasis on spot welding. This course is ideal for weld operators, maintenance personnel, engineers and managers with either little to no resistance welding experience or ones seeking to polish their current understanding of the resistance welding process. 

Sessions Include:

  • Basics of Resistance Welding
  • Basic Welder Setup
  • Pneumatic Systems
  • Weld Transformer Operation
  • Weld Control Operation
  • Electrode Selection & Maintenance
  • Quality Weld Assessment
  • Troubleshooting
  • Operator Safety

Upcoming Seminar Dates:

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Projection and Cross Wire Welding image

Projection Welding:
Nut, Stud & Cross Wire

ALL NEW COURSE! “Projection Welding: Nut, Stud & Cross Wire” covers exactly that – Projection Welding! We have developed an all-new course that will explore all of the various types of projection welding. Like our spot welding seminar, this course is recommended for all skill types, from beginner to experienced operators. Attendees will receive an invaluable day of classroom training with one of our Certified Resistance Welding Technicians.

Sessions Include:

  • Various Types of Projection Welding
  • Weld Nugget Formation
  • Tooling & Electrode Requirements
  • Equipment Sizing
  • Material Considerations
  • Proper Sizing of Nut Welding Electrodes
  • Projection Welding to HSLA Material

Upcoming Seminar Dates:

2024 Dates Coming Soon!

Sample Agenda

A glance at our full day of training


Check In & Coffee

Attendees pick up name badges and welcome bags. Coffee and pastries available.

8:00am - 9:30am

Session 1

Class begins. Taught by one of our AWS Certified Resistance Welding Technicians.

9:40am - 10:50am

Session 2

Class resumes after break.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Session 3

Class resumes after break.

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Lunch + Q&A with Instructor

Catered lunch. Enjoy a Q&A period with your instructor.

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session 4

Class resumes after lunch.

2:40pm - 4:00pm

Session 5

Class resumes after break.

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Q&A with Instructor + Giveaways

Q&A Session with your instructor to discuss specific questions related to your company’s resistance welding process. Seminar concludes with giveaways and prizes.


An invaluable day of training for your personnel

First Attendee

From Your Company

  • First Rate Training
  • Interaction with Welding Instructor
  • Catered Lunch
  • Seminar Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Coffee / Snacks
  • Welcome Bag with Helpful Resources

Each Additional Attendee

From Your Company

  • First Rate Training
  • Interaction with Welding Instructor
  • Catered Lunch
  • Seminar Manual
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Coffee / Snacks
  • Welcome Bag with Helpful Resources

Pay by PO or Credit Card. One of our representatives will reach out to you after registration to complete the payment process.

What Our Attendees Are Saying

This seminar has been the best seminar I have attended. I have 14 years experience in engineering, and this seminar has been the best value for training investment I have been involved with."

The strength of this seminar is the knowledge of the instructors. They do a really good job and keep it fun!"

Your people know their product and business, and they're very open to questions.

Expert Instructors

All seminars are taught by one of our AWS Certified Resistance Welding Technicians.

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Ray Michelena

randy darby

Randy Darby

To learn more about our seminars, please contact
josh garmon

Josh Garmon

Service Engineer, CRWT

candace edmonds

Candace Edmonds

Training Administration

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