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EWALD Cable Cutters & Cable Stripping Machines

EWALD machines are known worldwide by businesses who process wire rope, shielded cable and shielded hose. Our catalog includes flash cutters, flash strippers, welder heads and more.

Wire Cutting Machines

Flash Cutters

Ewald brings cut and strip professionals the flash cutting equipment they need to process wire cleanly and quickly. Our cut and strip wire machines fuse the ends of wire to prevent unraveling and fraying, producing perfectly-sized cuts that are applicable for broad cable stripping operations.

Our flash cutter systems are designed to process various wire gauges with high efficiency, for a broad range of precision-demanding applications including automotive and aerospace components, marine products, medical instruments and much more. Our resistance welding equipment can handle stranded steel, stainless steel and copper cabling—delivering versatility across broad applications

Flash Cutter
cut to length cable cutter

960 Series Automatic Cut to Length Flash Cutting Machines

  • Servo-controlled Cut to Length
  • Wire, Cable & Overbraid Tubing
  • Program for Length and Batch Number
  • Servo-controlled Belt Feeder
  • Left Hand or Right Hand Feed
  • Can be equipped with Pay-Off and Take Up Reel Stands
  • Safety Interlocked Barrier Guarding

Wire Stripping Machines

Flash Strippers

Whether you’re stripping Romex or heavy-gauge No. 4 wire, Ewald Instruments Corp. has a wire insulation stripping machine available that’ll make your job easy. Not only do we pride ourselves on creating efficient wire stripping machines, but our flash strippers are also highly effective, safe and versatile.

Where other strippers use cutting implements to unsheathe wire, we use a flash stripping process that melts the braid, ensuring no damage to the insulation. There’s no unraveling or fraying, and ends are melded together for instant finishing. All this, with either foot valve or manual hand lever operation. Our equipment is innovative enough to stand up to copper, steel, stainless steel or other metal shielding with ease.

EWALD Flash Stripping machines are designed to cut the overbraid from coax, data or any cable with a metallic overbraid. The Flash Stripping process will cut and fuse the braid ends to eliminate fraying to unraveling, without damaging the cable insulation underneath. This process allows hassle-free application of end terminations.

Flash Strippers