Milco Portable Welding Guns

Servo Weld Guns

  • The standard for many manufacturers
  • Milco has been producing Servo units since the lates 1990’s
  • Over 1000 installed in manufacturing facilities
  • Servo unit is electronically powered and controlled by the robot’s software as the 7th Axis
  • Wide range of tip forces
  • Easy adjustability
  • Better weld quality

Modular Robot Gun Technology

  • Proven Technology- Over 3000 installed in the field
  • Innovative Modular design
  • Aluminum frame and yokes
  • Copper arms and adapters
  • Standard set of components (yokes, gun arms, etc.) configured to your needs.
  • Increased reliability
  • Minimize the number of designs and spare parts
  • Reduced costs
  • Both Servo and Pneumatic actuators

Copper Cast Guns

  • Traditional Designs
  • Special Applications
  • Customers that require cast guns
  • Years of experience- leader in this technology

Fixture Weld Guns

  • Modular or Cast Copper Designs
  • Hard Tool applications

For more information about spot welding portable guns or help sizing a gun to your application, please contact T. J. Snow for assistance.