Resistance Spot Welding Electrodes, Tips & Caps

Our aim is to serve you with the best spot welding electrodes and tips at a fair price with fast shipping and great customer service! We carry a complete selection of resistance welding electrodes, tips, caps & shanks, electrode holders and other welding consumables and accessories.

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Tuffaloy manufactures all RWMA classes of resistance welding tips and caps, electrodes, electrode holders and more. As a Master Key Distributor, T. J. Snow stocks an extensive inventory of Tuffaloy products.


CMW has been a leader in the industry since 1929. CMW offers a diversity of special metal products for resistance welding applications, in addition to standard materials and products.

CenterLine has a broad range of resistance welding consumables and accessories.

Luvata dispersion strengthened copper and proprietary cold forming process enhances welding performance. T. J. Snow supplies standard and custom geometries.

Huys Industries offers a complete range of resistance welding products. Standard RWMA and ISO electrodes are available as well as custom-made and Huys specialty products.

T. J. Snow fabricates and machines custom consumables and special electrodes to your prints or requirements.