for Resistance Welders

In a joint venture, T. J. Snow and WeldComputer introduce the AC Inverter Control technology for resistance welding to the mainstream automotive and industrial markets. Improve consistency and repeatability of the resistance welding process. This control is fully programmable and can be installed on single phase AC or DC equipment or retrofitted to existing machinery. Additionally, it provides superior control to SCR and MFDC systems.

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for Resistance Welders

This cost effective and robust monitor provides a means of ensuring integrity of every weld. It typically performs more than a thousand separate checks on every production weld to verify the performance and repeatability of the process. The monitor records all data for future proof of weld quality without affecting production throughput.

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WeldComputer Adaptive Control
-Micro Welding

Now available in a benchtop package!
This variation provides superior control for small precision spot and seam resistance welding applications, inluding micro welding.