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Huys Industries Resistance Welding Products

Spot and Projection Welding Electrodes, Caps and Shanks

Huys Resistance Welding Electrodes

Huys Industries manufactures a wide range of copper consumables for resistance spot welding and projection welding. Huys offers standard straight spot welding electrodes, small scale electrodes, projection welding heads, back up and swivel electrodes. T. J. Snow is a supplier of all Huys products.

Resistance Welding Cap Electrodes

Huys is a leading manufacturer of resistance welding cap electrodes, including the patented ParaCap™ and TiCap™.

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Resistance Welding Electrodes

Huys manufacturers a complete range of resistance welding consumables including all RWMA classes of straight and bent electrodes, small scale welding electrodes, and more.

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Back Up & Swivel Electrodes

Huys Back Up & Swivel electrodes are used for projection welding. Huys’ TiCap™ coating can be added to improve performance.

Huys’ Taper Tool™ (patent pending) hones the taper on shanks and electrode arms to prolong the life of an arm and avoid production delays.