Amada Weld Tech, Inc. Resistance Welding Products

Amada Weld Tech’s product line consists of AC and DC resistance welding controls, inverter power supplies, weld checkers, weld heads, and accessories for both fine spot and large scale resistance welding applications.

Large scale
Resistance Welding Controls


Mid Frequency Inverter Resistance Welding Power Supply-IS Series

The proven standard in inverter resistance spot welding control!

The ISA range of Inverter power supplies provides the highest level of control available today in large scale resistance spot welding. The IS-800CR and ISA-1400CR are intelligently packaged in “NEMA” style enclosures and are designed to deliver robust performance in the harshest of production environments. The IS models can deliver 800 and 1400 amps of primary welding current, respectively.


AC Resistance Welding Controls
STA Series

The STA Series utilizes a unique combination of  LCD screen and separate keypad, eliminating the need to memorize special codes or follow LED indicators. The screen’s simple, intuitive design has been configured to enable viewing of programmed and monitored weld data and allow the user to quickly and easily make modifications.

Miyachi is proud to introduce the first in its new family of AC resistance weld controls. STA-100A and STA-200A are the most advanced, yet simplest single contactor unit on the market. STA controls feature an intuitive, easy-to-use programming screen and is designed to control and integrate press welders, seam welders, robotic systems, rocker arm welders, and special machines.

Weld Checkers
and Force Gauges


Weld Checkers

MM-123A | MM-122A | MM-315A | MM-400A | MM-370A | MM-380A | MG3 | MM-410A

Real time weld monitors – also called weld checkers – are invaluable tools for production monitoring, process development and weld quality analysis. Weld monitors measure one or more of the electrical and/or mechanical parameters that dynamically change during the welding process including weld current, voltage drop across the electrodes, work piece expansion and deformation, electrode force, electrode displacement (movement) and more.

Amada Miyachi offers a full range of desktop, hand-held and machine-mountable weld monitors / weld checkers, some with built-in printers or RS232 output.


Force Gauges

The MM-601A is a portable electrodeforce measuring device for resistance welding machinery. By changing between three load cell sensors, it is possible to measure forces between .44 to 2111 lbs. (.2 kg to 950 kg). The compact microprocessor based design allowsfor easy access to most welding machines and guarantees the greatest degreeof measuring accuracy.

Fine Spot Suplies
and Accessories


Fine Spot – Microjoining Items

Fine Spot Weld Heads

High Frequency Fine Spot Power Supplies / Controls

Mid-Frequency Fine Spot Power Supplies / Controls

AC Inverter Power Supply

Capacitor Discharge Power Supplies


  •  Welding hand pieces
  • Optics and Illumination Accessories
  • Electrode/Material Selection Guide
  • Unibond and Unitip Electrodes
  • Ribbon/Polishing Disks
  • Cables, Terminals, Connectors, Adapters, and more.

We also have Used Miniature or Micro Welders.

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