Rocker Arm Spot Welders

The durable, compact design of T. J. Snow’s Heavy Duty Rocker Arm Spot Welder makes it a cost effective and efficient resistance welding solution. These robust, high speed machines are engineered to make high quality welds on a continuous production basis.

Specifications include an 8 point heat selector switch on a stacked core transformer, 3 circuit water manifolds for input and output water cooling, 5” x 4” stroke double acting air cylinder, 4 way solenoid operated air valve, air line filter, pressure regulator.

And since most Rocker Arm components are normally stocked at our Chattanooga location, we can assemble one to your specifications in record time.

Standard Specs of Rocker Arm Spot Welders

  • Voltage: Available in 208, 220, 440 & 550 V
  • Single Phase / AC / 60 Hz
  • Solid copper arms drilled at 30 or 90 degrees angles to accommodate water-cooled electrodes holders
  • Ejector-type electrode holders
  • Shut off valve for tip dressing
  • Roller bearing pivot
  • Single stage shrouded foot switch
  • Vertical adjustment for 30, 50, and 75 kVA models
  • Water-cooled stacked core transformer
  • Fork lift pockets for safe & easy handling


  • Choice of welder controls
  • Two stage shrouded foot switch
  • MFDC or Three Phase power supply and control
  • Adjustable and retractable stroke, foot switch activated
tj snow new rocker arm
rocker arm with entron control

Recommended Upgrades

  • Closed loop recirculating water chiller
  • SoftTouch Safety System to prevent operation pinch-point injury
  • Off-set electrode holders

KVARWMA SizeVoltsThroat DepthElectrode ForceLengthWidthHeightSolid Copper ArmsWeight
18″1380 lbs54″12″49″2.5 “1016 lbs
24″1075 lbs60″1035 lbs
30″875 lbs66″1098 lbs
36″743 lbs72″1117 lbs
50218″1380 lbs54″12″49″2.5 “1070 lbs
24″1075 lbs60″1089 lbs
30″875 lbs66″1153 lbs
36″743 lbs72″1172 lbs
75218″2180 lbs54″12″49″2.5 “1125 lbs
24″1700 lbs60″1144 lbs
30″1390 lbs66″1207 lbs
36″1175 lbs72″1226 lbs
100318″2860 lbs84″14.5″54″3 “1776 lbs
24″2150 lbs90″1788 lbs
36″1430 lbs96″1800 lbs
150318″2860 lbs84″14.5″54″3 “1851 lbs
24″2150 lbs90″1863 lbs
36″1430 lbs96″1875 lbs

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