ENTRON Resistance Welding Controls

ENTRON offers quality resistance Weld Controls backed by a full two-year warranty. Multiple cabinet styles are available with front or side mounted control panels.

Product Categories

Single Phase AC Controls

Inverter (MFDC) Controls

The Entron EN1000 Control

A microprocessor based solid state welding control for both new and retrofit applications.
You can download an Adobe PDF version of the manual for the EN1000 control (as well as other resistance welding products) for free from T. J. Snow.

Resistance Welder Control Networking

Entron offers several options for networking Entron resistance welding controls, including their Windows based Enlink software.

Resistance Welder Interlocks

Keep from having to upgrade your power service when you add more welders! Use this solid state interlock controller to keep too many welders from firing at one time, preventing you from browning out the neighborhood with your resistance welders!