TECNA Products

TECNA offers a vast range of spot and projection welding machines and manufactures a line of resistance welding products and accessories for resistance welding machines, including Portable Guns, Rocker Arm Spot WeldersPress Spot Welders, Weld Checker and Balancers.

TJ SNOW is a Master Stocking Distributor for the Tecna Industrial product line. We keep multiple welders in stock in North America for quick shipment, in addition to having regular shipments from Italy, in case an item is not available in USA stock.

Please contact us to get a quote, or to help clarify which Tecna product is the best fit for your Resistance Welding application.

C Style Portable Resistance Welding Guns and

Scissor Style Portable Resistance Welding Guns

 TECNA “C Style” and “Scissor Style” Portable Spot Welding Transguns are self-contained suspended production spot welding guns with integrated transformers and digital weld controls available 16 – 75 KVA capacity. Standard models are available in stock. 2 to 6 KVA “Small” Resistance welding guns are also available.

Rocker Arm Spot Welders

TECNA rocker arm spot welders are fully engineered, compact solutions equipped with the TE101 control which is positioned  in the front of the machine for ease of use and monitoring during the weld cycle. Versatile and adjustable for multiple jobs, rocker arms are a wise investment as they are suitable for a variety of applications.

Press Spot Welders

Press spot welders feature a stationary, ergonomic frame designed by TECNA . The control unit has been positioned frontally to allow the operator to view the welding data even during the working cycle. The pneumatic commands and the compressed air pressure gauge have been placed at the top for easier adjustment and reading.

MFDC Press/Spot Welders

MFDC techology provides excellent weld quality and substantial cost reduction. TECNA MFDC Welders are designed to excel in both spot and projection welding applications with unparalleled accuracy in both realms. The standard TE700 control provides six working modes, allowing you to form the best weld possible. TECNA MFDC resistance weld machinery also come standard with pressure switch, programmable air, flow indicators and flow water switch. For more information contact T. J. Snow.

Suspended Tool Spring Balancers

TECNA produces a range of Spring Balancers that are all available from T. J. Snow in a variety of capacities, ranging from .5 lbs to 395 lbs. Tool Balancers are essential devices that improve productivity, minimize line operator labor and reduce long-term damages and wear to hoses, cables and tools. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, small tools, industrial suspended welders and multiple screw drives.

NO GRAVITY line | Inox rope balancers | Nylon rope balancers | ATEX balancers | Hose balancers


Small Manual and Pneumatic Portable Guns

 TECNA’s top of the line, handheld manual or pneumatic “small” spot welding guns have integrated transformers and digital weld controls and are available from 2-6 KVA.

TECNA TE1700 Weld Checker

The TECNA TE1700 Weld Checker is specifically designed to help make your process the most effective and efficient it can possibly be. The utilization of different probes allows you to measure weld current, force, voltage, energy, resistance and thermal current all on one 6″ color LCD touchscreen in various formats, including the waveforms of the selected signals. The TE1700 is suitable for measuring AC, DC/MFDC, and CDW currents. And with a name like TECNA behind it, you know you’re going to get the quality you deserve from a name you already trust.