CenterLine OHMA Systems Weld Cylinders

Exploded View of an OHMA Cylinder

OHMA® Weld Cylinders

The OHMA Weld cylinder operates using an “air over oil” intensification principle to produce non-shock welding force. This method of operation allows the cylinder to remain compact and provides numerous advantages to resistance welding applications:

  • Low impact (non-shock) advance to the work for minimal electrode mushrooming and to help maintain tip alignment
  • The ability to produce a wide range of forces (i.e. a 2″ bore OHMA cylinder can produce from 600 to 5000 lbs. of tip force using between 20 and 100 psi air pressure)
  • Simple construction and operation to minimize down-time
  • Ability to function in any position
  • Compact construction to minimize air consumption
  • Small bore size to enable multiple cylinders to perform applications with close weld spacing

The standard OHMA Weld Cylinder is supplied in the following range of styles/specifications:

  • Bore Size:1-3/4″ to 2-5/8″
  • Ratio: 13:1 to 66:1 (nine standard ratios are available)
  • Stroke: 1-1/2″ to 6″
  • Mounting: a variety of mounting styles are available

For more information about OHMA Cylinders,
view the OHMA Weld Cylinder Product Guide
and contact T. J. Snow for assistance choosing
your cylinder and a quote on pricing and delivery.

Resistance Welding Consumables

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