• November 2018

      T. J. Snow  Co. Receives “Excellence in Welding Award”

      T. J. Snow Company is the recipient of the “Excellence in Welding Award” in the small business category, given by the American Welding Society and WEMCO. The award is given to companies who strengthen the welding industry. Pictured are President, Sam Snow and CEO, Tom Snow.



    • April 2015

      T. J. Snow Upgrades CMM Capabilities

      The purchase of a new FARO Edge 9-foot Arm with Laser Line Probe HD advances the capabilities of the Engineering and Inspection department. The CMM is one of the most sophisticated non-contact measurement tools available in its class. The investment will facilitate statistical process control, part inspection and data acquisition and output.


    • December 2014

      Five Certified Resistance Welding Technicians (CRWT) on staff

      Five service techs, plus CEO Tom Snow, recently became among the first in the U.S. to receive the Certified Resistance Welding Technician (CRWT) designation offered by the American Welding Society. A 100-question exam tests applicants’ knowledge of all aspects of the resistance welding process.

      CRWT_2014_web Pictured from left to right: (Back row) Bret McIntire, Josh Garmon, Randy Darby, Paul Bush (Front row) Tom Snow and Ray Michelena

    • May 2014

      Fabtech Mexico 2014
      Come by and visit our Booth #1621
    • April 1, 2013

      T. J. Snow Company celebrated it’s 50th year in business.
      Our thanks to everyone who had a part in making T. J. Snow Company a success.

    • New building addition for storage of extensive Used Equipment Welder Inventory
    • July 2011

      T. J. Snow moves to a newer larger facility

    • April 2010

      Back in the spring of 1963, April Fool’s Day was a good day to take the plunge and start a new business with a $5,000.00 loan. April 1st, 2010 marked the 47th anniversary of the founding of the T. J. Snow Company and the 90th birthday of its founder, Jim Snow. Pictured are Tom Snow, Jim Snow and Sam Snow.
    • October 2008

      TJ Snow Exhibits at Fabtech 2008 in Las Vegas

      Considering what was in the news about the economy, the Fabtech 2008 show in Las Vegas had good turnout. We were glad to get to see many of our existing customers as well as visit with many other people interested in resistance welding.If you missed the show, plan to come see us next year at Fabtech in Chicago (Nov. 15-18, 2009). We will have a full display, including standard and custom design welders.If you can take advantage of the Accelerated Depreciation offered until the end of the 2008 year on either new or used machinery purchases, we have a large inventory of welders that can be shipped quickly.Also, please remember our million-dollar inventory of resistance welding supplies available for same-day shipment.

      In addition, our ability to do training seminars in your plant for resistance welder set-up personnel and operators is unique in the industry.

      We hope to hear from you soon,

      Tom Snow / T. J. Snow Co.


      423-308-3165 (direct)

    • FABTECH 2002 Trade Show
      T. J. Snow Company will again exhibit in the welding pavilion of SME’s Fabtech 2002 show, October 29-31, 2002 at the I-X Center in Cleveland, Ohio. Don’t miss “North America’s Largest Annual Metal Forming and Fabricating Event.”Download your special invitation form for FREE ADMISSION ($50 value) and we will see you at the show!
    • June 2001

      Sandra Edmonds Announces Retirement Plans

      32 Year T. J. Snow Employee Announces Retirement Plans.

      Thirty two years and retiring!!!!!!!!

      How do you spell Dedication? One way that we spell it at the T. J. Snow Company is S A N D R A E D M O N D S. After 32 years of dedicated service, our Ms. Sandra is taking early retirement, starting June 29th, so that she can leisurely enjoy all the things that she hasn’t had time to do these last 32 years.

      One person so special to her heart, Jordan, her granddaughter, will be coming in from Florida to spend the first two weeks of retirement with her Grandmother. There is no telling what Sandra will do with the rest of her first summer off since May of 1969!! She will be sorely missed by all here at T. J. Snow.

      Chris Collis will succeed Sandra as Inside Sales Manager.

      “Chris has an excellent background for the job, having worked at T. J. Snow in both Inside and Outside Sales for several years,” said Tom Snow, President. “Chris understand the customer’s sense of urgency and their need for technical expertise along with good prices.”

      As usual though, Sandra will make sure that everything and everyone is taken care of before she leaves. She is leaving the Inside Sales Department in good hands with Chris, who was chosen for the promotion, effective immediately. Chris will have large shoes to fill living up to Sandra’s reputation as a good manager and her top-shelf customer service.

      Join us in wishing Sandra a much earned retirement

    • May 2001

      T. J. Snow to Exhibit at 2001 MAX Int. Expo

      AWS Welding Show 2001 and PMA Metalform ExpoSium Join Forces in Cleveland — May 2001T. J. Snow Company will exhibit at the first-annual MAX International Show in Cleveland, Ohio, May 6-10, 2001. The show combines the former American Welding Society (AWS) and Precision Metalforming Association (PMA) shows into one.Almost 1,000 exhibitors will fill the I-X Center adjacent to the Cleveland Airport. Snow will occupy Booth #1556 in the Metalforming Section of the show.Featured will be the company’s SlimLine Pedestal Type Spot Welders, plus a full line of electrodes and other related resistance welding supplies, controls, monitors and accessories.

      T. J. Snow will also have a large booth at the annual FabTech Show in Chicago, November 11-14, 2001.

    • T. J. Snow’s street name changes to “Jim Snow Way” to honor founder.
      Name Change Reduces Confusion With Other Local Streets. “Jim Snow Way” Replaces Provence Street.

      The New Sign Honoring Jim Snow

      “Jim Snow Way” Replaces Provence Street

      The T. J. Snow Company is pleased to announce that the City of Chattanooga has changed the name of the street on which its five buildings front to Jim Snow Way, in honor of the company’s founder, who recently retired.

      On May 2, 2001, a sign with the new name was erected on what was the 6000 block of Provence Street. All the original street numbers remain the same.

      In addition to honoring Jim Snow, the new street name should reduce confusion, since there are several other Provence Streets in the area.

    • 2001 New Year Progress Report (Included in the Annual Calendar Mailing)
      Bobby Weber, Jimmy Lane, Bill Riner, and Whitten Davis (L-R) pose with a $750,000 Multi-Gun Spot Welder they just finished which assembles floor panels for railroad cars.
      One of the several special multi-gun welders recently built for Saturn.
      T.J. Snow Company’s New Leadership Team: L-R, Richard Powell, Mark Summers, Tom Snow and Mark Pepping.

      Y2K was an important year of transition at the T. J. Snow Company.

      After much thought and consideration, founder Jim Snow turned the leadership of the business over to a group of trusted managers and a new Board of Directors.

      Since September, Mark Pepping, Mark Summers, Richard Powell and Tom Snow have been running the business on a day-to-day basis, and the transition is going well. Also, in appreciation of his 22 years of service, Pepping, VP of Sales, was made an owner. Brice Holland, CPA, Wayne Peters, attorney, and Bob White, CPA, serve on the Board of Directors, along with Tom Snow, Chairman. An Administrative Committee, composed of Pepping, Summers, Powell and Snow, meets regularly to make “CEO type” decisions.

      T. J. Snow Company is being managed with a view toward long-term stability and growth. Hopefully, that’s what you’re looking for in a vendor. To serve you better, the company is making strategic investments in people and machinery. Employment now stands at about 80, and people are viewed as the company’s most important asset.

      Bill Lucas, who served in several engineering and sales capacities during his 17-year tenure at T. J. Snow, announced that he would be retiring at the end of December, so a nationwide search for a new Engineering Manager was begun. Last spring, Vince Garner saw our ad and was quickly hired for the position. This allowed a smooth nine-month transition into that important role. Vince came to us after many years at Tennessee Rand Company, a former T. J. Snow vendor, where his specialty was quoting and designing tooling and fixtures for robotic arc welding cells. Vince has improved and expanded our capabilities in this area, and he is converting our entire engineering staff to full 3D CAD software.

      On his recommendation, we quickly invested in two Coordinate Measuring Machines. The first, a state-of-the-art Faro Arm, is a portable CMM that can be used on the shop floor and carried on the road if needed. The second machine is a traditional stationary Starrett CMM, and the special climate-controlled room to house our huge “pet rock” is now under construction.

      Another new face around the company is John Prince, who is now Territory Manager for Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and northern Florida. John recently retired as head of maintenance at the Hon metal office furniture plant in Cedartown, Georgia, so he brings extensive welding and metal fabricating experience to the job. He has completed training and will begin traveling in earnest after the first of the year.

      Speaking of training, our quarterly Resistance Welding Seminars here in Chattanooga continue to draw large groups. Please check on our web page for our 2001 schedule. Please note that we have expanded the seminar program to three full days and changed to a Tuesday through Thursday format. Call Patty Boone here at our office to register. (Her direct line is 423-308-3246.) She can quickly e-mail or fax complete details to you. Randy Darby is in charge of seminars, and his staff of instructors includes Bob Hinkle, Ray Michelena and Josh Garmon.

      Randy is prepared to “take his show on the road”, so please call if you’d like him to schedule an in-plant resistance welding seminar for your people. Also, Randy and Ray continue to keep our two airplanes active as they respond to your calls for emergency welder and control service on a “24 x 7” basis.

      Their commitment to customer service is representative of the T. J. Snow Company’s philosophy to “do whatever it takes” to make you happy.

      Thanks for your business, and best wishes for the New Year from everyone at T. J. Snow.

    • Jim Snow Letter

      To Our Valued Employees:

      Thank you for your daily help toward making our Company the success it is today!

      The Monday morning of April 1, 1963, doesn’t seem too long ago as I write this letter. However, it has been thirty-seven (37) years plus some months since that first day. There was only one (1) employee—and that was the writer of this “Thank You” letter.

      During these years and certainly at the present time, I have had many helpful employees. For each of you, my sincere appreciation for your faithful work and accomplishments.

      In order to preserve and continue the success we enjoy, the management team I have assembled is as follows:

      Thomas J. Snow, Jr. (Tom), my son, who has worked with me for 27 years in all aspects of the Company, is the President. He will lead the Company in the years ahead.

      Mark D. Pepping, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has over 22 years with the Company and will lead our sales group into the future.

      Mark D. Summers, Vice President of Operations, has over 17 years of manufacturing experience with our Company. He will oversee the operational side of our business.

      Richard A. Powell, Vice President of Finances, is a CPA and CMA. He has over one year of financial, accounting, and tax experience with our Company and is responsible for all the financial aspects of the Corporation.

      There are many others that are most important to our continuing success and I want to thank each of these individuals for their efforts also.

      I will still be working on a consulting basis for the Company. Please let me know how and when I can be of assistance to you. However, at my young age of 80, I do look forward to doing a few things like traveling, etc.


      T. J. (Jim) Snow, Sr.

      Chairman Emeritus

    • January 1998

      T. J. Snow Company News

      Continued good business conditions, hard working employees and loyal customers led to another good year at T. J. Snow Company, and we’re seeing more of the same in 2000. Key to that growth is many of the changes in 1998 and ’99 at T. J. Snow. We spent more than $50,000 to upgrade our electrical service. Now we have adequate primary amps in our main assembly area. That way, we’re always ready to demonstrate customers’ machines under full power.

      In the Fabrications and Machine Shop, we’ve taken great strides to increase our ability to provide special tooling and electrodes for our customers. Our latest CNC machine is the Mazak turning center we installed in September of ’99. It’s ideal for machining quick-response runs of special copper welding electrodes.

      Tom Snow in the new BarronWe also speeded up our already “speedy” planes by upgrading the Beech Baron to a newer model capable of more than 220 MPH.

      We also upgraded our 1982 mainframe with a $200,000 system that has been integrated into all facets of our operation.

      We’re excited about the new year, and are preparing for well into the next century. We hope you’ll allow us to help make 2000 your best year ever.

Your success with the resistance welding process is vital to us.

Tom Snow, T. J. Snow CEO


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