Bar Stock & Raw Material

110 Copper, RWMA Class 2 Copper, RWMA Class 3 Copper

110 Copper, RWMA Class 2 Copper, and RWMA Class 3 Copper are used in a broad range of proven resistance welding products. Inventory in rectangular, square and round bars are typically available in 1/8″ to 3″ dia.

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Elkonite (10W3) Copper Tungsten

Elkonite (10W3) Copper Tungsten is known for its ability to withstand high heat and pressure. Not as conductive as Class 2 or 3, but can hold its shape longer.

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Phenolic/ Micarta

Phenolic (commonly referred to as Micarta) is ideal for applications, such as tooling, locators or fixturing that need to be insulated.

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