The Harms & Wende SPS welding processors


Product line Sinius

Example: Sinius HWI Inverter 1kHz

With the new generation of the Harms & Wende welding control SiniusHWI you get new freedom in shaping and installation of your plants.


Typical fields of application: SiniusHWI networked machines including central control which is available via a PLC for spot or projection welding machines and wire mesh welding. It is available for multiple weld guns with high cycle sequences.
SiniusHWI can be used as a stand-alone system or in a complex system.

No training required – thanks to your own operating concept. Fully integrated into the machine control PLC or separately – just as you want to frame it.

The wiring of SiniusHWI was reduced to a minimum: CAN-OPEN, EtherCat (option) or optional Profibus, Profinet (option) with only one cable.