AC INVERTER CONTROL for Resistance Welders

Improve quality and repeatability with WeldComputer’s multi-variable Inverter Adaptive Control for resistance welders. Capable of dramatically improving the consistency and throughput of any resistance welding control, it provides a reliable and robust solution to ensuring the integrity of every weld. This flexible control interfaces with any type of resistance welding transformer regardless of type (single phase, three phase, frequency converter or MFDC).

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 WeldComputer AC Inverter

Product Detail
Features and Benefits:
  • Uses durable AC & frequency converter transformers instead of fragile MFDC power supplies
  • Retrofit single phase AC & frequency converter type machines with no transformer change required
  • Reduces energy cost due to lower primary amp draw (just like MFDC)
  • Balanced three phase load (eliminates single phase power factor issues)
  • More efficient current output, which leads to shorter weld times
  • Reduced electrode wear
  • Higher peak output from AC machines due to square wave firing
  • More sensitive constant current & current monitoring than AC & MFDC systems
  • Available in 400, 600, 900, 1400, 2800 & 4200
  • Waveform and machine firing customization available upon request
Available Options:
  • Displacement sensor to monitor stack-up and set-down
  • Electronic contact gauge
  • Electronic force control
  • SPOT
  • SEAM