Heavy Duty Resistance Butt Welder

A compact and flexible resistance welding solution, T. J. Snow’s RWMA size 1 Heavy Duty Resistance Butt Welder is cost effective and efficient. Model TJSBW-1 is air-operated and water cooled, capable of welding up to 3/8″ wire diameter. Components are typically stocked at our Chattanooga location, so we can assemble one to your specifications quickly. Special dies can be built to your specifications in our in-house machine shop.

Standard Features :
  • 45 or 55 KVA transformer rated at 50% duty cycle
  • Dual voltage 220/440 volt primary
  • Single phase / AC / 60 Hz
  • Multi-step transformer
  • Two (2) – 2.5″ x 4″ diameter clamp cylinders with adjustable stroke mounted to swivel arms
  • One (1) – 4″ x  2.5″ diameter upset cylinder with adjustable stroke
  • Mechanical stop for adjusting the amount of upset
  • Single stage shrouded foot switch for machine initiation
  • Four-way solenoid operated valves, speed regulators, hose and related hardware
  • Replaceable upper serrated jaws
  • Replaceable lower copper dies, complete size range available
Options :
  • Casters (as shown in image)
  • Choice of welder controls – Microprocessor Type
  • Integrated or External lockable safety disconnect
Butt Welder Jaws (close-up)
KVA (rated at 50 % D.C.)4555
RWMA Size 111
Recommended Control OptionsEntron 1000 (C or S Cabinet)
Intertron 108
Or browse our selection
Control TypeMicroprocessor Type
Dimensions (l x w x h)24" x 16.5" x 40"
Clamp Pressure @ 80 psi (nominal)1000 lbs1000 lbs
Upset Pressure @ 80 psi (nominal)400 lbs400 lbs
Wire CapacityUp to 3/8"
Voltage Dual 220 / 440, Single Phase AC
Amp Draw90 A @ 440 v
175 A @ 220 v
100 A @ 440 v
200 A @220 v
Warranty12 months