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TECNA Press-type
Spot Welders

Equipped with a built-in TE101 Dual Schedule Microprocessor Type Welding Control with Dual current, dual weld time, upslope and pulsation, TECNA press spot welders are robust and versatile. Constructed with a rugged welded steel frame, the stationary, single phase unit designed by TECNA is air operated and water cooled, available in dual voltage 220v/480v.

tecna press spot welder

Features of TECNA Press Spot Welders

  • Chrome-copper electrode-holders for heavy duty and long life, designed for both straight and angled fitting.
  • Water-cooled epoxy resin coated transformer.
  • Water-cooled arms, electrodes and electrode-holders.
  • Maintenance free solid state SCR Contactor
  • USB Port for data storage (only with TE550).
  • Combination Air Filter and Pressure Regulator with gauge
  • Two-stage electric foot switch with the option to add a second foot switch for dual current and dual weld time.
  • Speed control adjustments
Nominal power at 50%kVA35503550
Max PowerkVA67846482
Short circuit currentkA15.51714.517
Thermal current 100%A4500570045005700
No load secondary voltageV5.4 6.15.4 6.1
Supply voltage 60Hz *V220 or 480Dual Voltage 220 / 480220 or 480Dual Voltage 220 / 480
Cables section L=30 mmm 216351635
Delayed fuses @ 230 VACA125175125175
Delayed fuses @ 440 VACA7010070100
Insulation classFFFFF
Electrodes throat depthmm (in)400 (15.7)400 (15.7)500 (19.7)500 (19.7)
Max. electrode force (6 bar)lbf10561056674674
Electrode strokemm (in)76.2 (3)76.2 (3)76.2 (3)76.2 (3)
Gap min. (OPTION 4638)in (mm)6.7 (170)6.7 (170)
Gap max. (OPTION 4638)in (mm)19.7 (500)19.7 (500)
Max short circuit current with max. gap (OPTION 4638)kA1012.1
Arms diametermm (in)50 (2.0)50 (2.0)50 (2.0)50 (2.0)
Electrode-holders diametermm (in)25 (1.0)25 (1.0)25 (1.0)25 (1.0)
Standard electrodes cone diametermm (in)14.8 (0.6)14.8 (0.6)14.8 (0.6)14.8 (0.6)
Compressed air supplypsi94949494
Air for 1000 spots (6 bar)Nm 35.4-1.75.4-1.75.4-1.75.4-1.7
Water coolingl/min4444
Aerial noise produceddB(A)< 70< 70< 70< 70
working strokemm (in)20 (0.8)20 (0.8)20 (0.8)20 (0.8)
welding timecycles17232024
welding currentkA11.612.710.912.4
working rating in welds/min15151515
Net weight (approximately)kg220225220225
* Typically in stock


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