Filius Product Line

FiliusHFI, FiliusMFI, FiliusAC
Welding with high frequency (as defined from 10,000HZ) opens up new possibilities for spot and resistance welding technique. If it is – comparing to medium frequency – the ten times faster working control or the rapid slope control: all this can usually not weld hard to join components.
Due to the higher frequency the transformer weight takes off proportionally which enables options for lightweight welding guns. Lower weight means you can use lighter weight robots as well. The need of space and costs of the overall weld cell will drop.
FiliusHFI can be handled as easy as FiliusAC or FiliusMFI. The same concept for all techniques is only available at Harms & Wende. Working as far as possible with language independent Symbols, copying programs via a network or via USB from control system to control system: it is all possible.
FiliusHFI is designed for individual position applications – for laboratories or series production. Welding of small copper pieces is also easy, as well as the joining of small steel pieces.