M2 Manual Milling Devices

The product group manual milling devices was expanded in the last 2 years with a true innovation. Along with the standard M2, the M2 Advanced with the guide cam was added to the sales program.

The M2 series is equipped with a high performance pneumatic motor. The milling tool holder corresponds to that of the E2 standard drive. This means the exact same cutter tools for the standard machines also fit the manual milling devices.

The following versions are available:

  • M2 manual milling device with pneumatic drive
  • M2 Advanced manual milling device with pneumatic drive

The special feature of the M2 Advanced is the guide cam for the electrode shaft. This feature ensures that milling results will be more consistent in quality than those of a device without a guide cam. The guide cam makes it impossible to tilt the manual milling machine in a way that causes incorrect or poor milling results.

  • Optional interchangeable guide cams are available for each tip size.

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