Laminated Shunts


Because of the custom nature of Laminate shunts, each one must be individually specified.

The following information must be specified for each shunt when ordering:

  1. Shunt Type (Shape)
  2. Shunt Thickness (not counting the end clip)
  3. Shunt Lamination thickness (each; i.e. .005, .010)
  4. Shunt Width
  5. Shunt Length (outside length)
  6. Hole Diameter
  7. Hole Pattern (pattern letter)
  8. Hole Dimensions (X, Y, Z)
  9. End Treatment (clip, solder, etc.)

Shunt Ordering Sheet

The best (and easiest) way for you to request a quote or order a laminated shunt is to print out our shunt ordering sheet (Adobe Acrobat Format 200K), fill it out, and fax it in to us here at T. J. Snow. We will follow up with pricing and delivery options.

Shunts or normally supplied with their ends secured by riveted copper clips, and are made from high conductivity copper.

Common Shunt Shapes

Less Common Shunt Shapes

Shunt Types and how to measure them correctly
Letter Style Measurements
F Straight Shunt Overall length is measured from end to end.
L L Shaped Shunt Overall length is measured along the outer edge, end to end.
C C Shaped Shunt Overall length is measured from end to end along the outside edge of the shunt. Dimension A is measured from when the shunt is in the folded position and is the dimension from outer edge to outer edge– across the open face of the shunt.
J J Shaped Shunt Start with the same two dimensions of the C shunt. And add the additional measurement B– the distance offset between the two shunt faces (the additional length of the longer side).
Hole Patterns

Letter: A

Pattern: One hole centered

End Pattern A

Letter: B

Pattern: Two holes on top of each other

End Pattern B

Letter: C

Pattern: Two holes beside each other

End Pattern C

Letter: D

Pattern: Four holes square pattern

End Pattern D

Remember that custom laminated shunts are available. The shunt specifying sheet includes an area for you to sketch your custom needs. T. J. Snow will be happy to help you work through any needs you have.