Special Design Welders, Robots, and Automatic Systems

T. J. SNOW designs and manufactures custom multi-gun resistance welders for a variety of applications with specialized custom fixtures and tooling. Standard new machines are equipped with RWMA spec water and air cooled transformers on precision fabricated steel frames. Features include precision machined mounting surfaces, heavy duty secondary.

Premium options include servo technology, mid frequency discharge capacitor power supply, and additional automation systems, such as automatic nut feeders and set-down and stack-up verification available by request. Our experienced mechanical and electrical engineers are capable of producing the most efficient, easy to maintain and durable solution to meet the customer’s specifications.

  • Options :
    • X-Y Axis
    • Servo
  • Additional Automation Systems Available by request:
    • Automatic nut feeder
    • Set-up & Stack-down verification
    • HMI interface
    • Inspection
    • Conveyor system
    • Tooling & fixtures
    • Sensors
  • Frame:
    • Heavy to light duty
  • Primary voltage:
    • 220 v / 440 v or 575 v
  • Available Weld Controls
    • Entron
    • WTC
    • WeldComputer
    • Unitrol
    • Intertron

Electrical Enclosure Welder

Multi-Gun Lawnmower Hood Welder

Electrical Enclosure Welder Closeup

Robotic System for Mounting Bracket
Transmission Oil Cooler

Robotic Welding System
Electric Band Saw Base

Robotic Welding System
Auto Seat Bottom

Multi-Gun Pass Through Welder

New Low Impedance Welder

New Special Multi-Gun Welder

New Special Dual Nut Welder

Alternate View

New Traveling Head Seam Welder

Four (4) Gun SlimLine Welder

Planograph Spot Welder


For more information about robot spot and arc welding options, please contact T. J. Snow.