T. J. Snow Co. offers the Genius HWI Inverter Series

  • MFDC & High Frequency Applications
  • Compact & easy to use
  • Monitor resistance welding & archive data
  • Consistent control parameters
  • Suited for single production cells or large multi-gun robotic assembly lines

The Genius HWI inverter type resistance welding control offers 3 different function packages, including the  “Basic” (256 programs), Manual (for manual guns or smaller pedestal welders) and  “Professional” (512 programs) version for scaleable complexity.

Standard features include constant current regulation, limit monitoring current, electrode management and visualization of the last 10 measured values

Optionally, IQR and PQS Weld and CAM (Aluminum mode) are available. Triggering is possible by the Discrete I/O, Interbus or Profibus interface. The inverters are supplied with an Ethernet network interface as standard, which you can link with any device.

Offered in 3 function packages:

Function packageGenius MANUALGenius BASICGenius PRO
OperationsXPegasus (PC)XPegasus (PC)XPegasus (PC)
3 current timers, PreHT, WT, PostHT3 current timers, PreHT, WT, PostHT3 current timers, PreHT, WT, PostHT
Electrode MgmtYesYesYes
Limit monitoring currentYesYesYes
S-Inspector (Displacement)YesYesYes
I-Inspector (Current)NoNoYes
U-Inspector (Voltage)YesNoYes
R-Inspector (Resistance)YesNoYes
H-Inspector (Current reg. limit)NoNoYes
IQR (Adaptive Feedback)OptionalOptionalYes

Standard range of functions

  • Visualization of the previous 10 measured values
  • 3 current times (preheat, main, post-heat time)
  • Digital 24 V I/Os
  • Secondary constant current regulation CCR
  • Electrode management
  • Output of proportional valve
  • Current upslope
  • Current downslope


A windows based software that provides graphical interface allowing users to program network and view data in a graphical format.


You can also choose data archiving.

Variants of cooling: air, standard water cooling, and “water outside” water cooling.

Please contact T. J. Snow today to determine the best Harms+Wende welding control solution for your resistance welding application.