Custom Designed, Special Resistance Welding Machinery

T. J. SNOW designs and manufactures custom, special design resistance welding machinery with complete automation, semi-automated operator integrated and special tooling and fixture solutions. At T. J. SNOW, our reputation is built on the types of turn-key products that meet and exceed customer expectations for quality, innovation, and cost. T. J. SNOW recognizes that to remain competitive in the global market, innovative solutions with value added processes, such as PLC controlled conveyer and inspection systems, set-up & stack-up verification, automatic nut feeders, and much more are required to improve quality, speed and profitability.

T. J. SNOW custom designed and innovative resistance spot welding systems provide precision welding on work pieces that require spot welds in opposed, angled, circumferential, horizontal, and vertical, X-Y axis configurations. As a true custom product, clients approach T. J. SNOW’s team of applications engineers to provide innovative solutions and options for improving product precision and throughput. Design of custom fixtures and tooling can be built to your specifications.

Expanding this wide array of standard options are various premium options that further enhance the robust design and versatility, these include a reliable electric servo-driven force delivery system and an MFDC inverter power supply, specially engineered for resistance welding applications.


Fully Automated Seam Resistance Welding Machine for Transportation Customer


Semi-Automated Multi-gun Spot welder for Automotive Client


Automated Capacitor Discharge Resistance Welder for Automotive Client


 Space-saving Multi-gun Spot welder for Electrical Client


 Complex Resistance Welder with Conveyer and Value Added Process


 Fully Automated Seam Welder for Assembly Line


 Semi-Automated Multi-gun Spot Welder


 Low Impedance Resistance Welder


Semi-Automated Multi-gun Resistance Welder with Specialized Tooling


 Semi-Automated Multi-gun Spot Welder

If you are interested in requesting a quote on a new, custom-designed welder, please make sure you see our information on Requesting a Custom Machine Quote.