Microwelders – Sunstone

T. J. Snow offers Sunstone welding system solutions for Capacitive Discharge, AC, Pulse Arc, and Micro TIG that are used in a variety of research and manufacturing industries.

Micro Weld Heads and Accessories

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CD Welders

The Advantages of Capacitive Discharge Spot Welders

Capacitive discharge spot welders (CD spot welders) have many advantages over other welder technologies:

  • Quick energy release for welding highly conductive metals such as copper
  • Small heat affected weld zones
  • Repeatable energy release independent of line voltage fluctuations
  • Capable of extremely fine energy adjustment

Capacitive Discharge spot welders are one of the most cost-effective welding solutions for fine-spot resistance welding. Whether you are manufacturing battery packs or microscopic assemblies, Sunstone Capacitive Discharge spot welders are the most affordable, precision fine-spot resistance welders on the market.


Laser & Pulse Arc / Resistance Welding Systems

Laser & Pulse Arc/ Resistance welding systems ideal for a variety of different applications:

  • Medical devices
  • Mold repair
  • Wire work
  • Jewelry

The Orion product line from Sunstone is designed for versatility and control. The fine welding systems series are robust and can be adjusted for extremely fine welds to larger welds. A variety of metal alloys and different thicknesses can be welded at a touch of a button, making the Orion the best precision fine-spot resistance welders on the market.

Adobe_PDF_file_icon_32x32 Orion Data Sheet

Orion 200i²


Orion 150s


Orion 100c