With INSTABRAZE, you can effectively, economically and quickly braze similar or dissimilar metals without a torch or oven.

Printable Download: PDF FILE ICON 700kb – Instabraze Overview and Technical Specs

Examples of the items Resistance Brazed using INSTABRAZE.

The INSTABRAZE Microcomputer System controls brazing parameters 2 ways:
  1. OBSERVING DYNAMIC TEMPERATURES – With the INSTABRAZE system using brazing paste or brazing pre-forms, you can braze join electrical components, small mechanical tabs or clips, hydraulic or mechanical tubing to fittings, thermocouple terminations, etc.
  2. DETERMINING LIQUESCENT STATE – of ribbon filler metal, ideal for heavier electrical components mechanical support brackets and joining dissimilar metals.
  • Fast – joints in as little as ¼ second per joint
  • Clean – minimum flux and heat needed
  • Economical – consumes no gas
  • Simple – no complex operator training
  • Gives quality results- electronic control assures inspection of every joint during the process
  • Easily lends itself to automation

If you don’t have any equipment TJ Snow can provide complete engineering of the entire package for manual, semi-auto or fully-automatic brazing. Contact us for specific information on how INSTABRAZE can more efficiently handle your joining project needs.