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Resistance Weld Controls

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Soft Touch Safety System

Soft Touch protects against pinch point injuries with a fully passive system that can be installed on any spot welder. Soft Touch can be used with Unitrol’s SOLUTION 1Ø, SOLUTION 3Ø FREQUENCY CONVERTER, SOLUTION 3Ø DC, SOLUTION-2, and SIMPLICITY, as well as other brands of controls.


The SOLUTIONi can select an RWMA welding schedule. You just enter the type of metal and gauge. The SOLUTIONi does the rest.


Unitrol’s standard micro-processor controled Resistance Welding Control. Supports “Soft Touch” for resitance welding safety. Available in Single Phase (1Ø) and 3 Phase Models (3Ø), AC and DC


Like the SOLUTION, but with more Programing capabilities.


A cost effective, microcomputer controled weld control for Resistance and Spot Welding that can feature the “Soft Touch” Resistance Welding Safety system.

Fire'N Module

Simple, Thumbwheel weld control that controls the transformer, but not a a valve. For use on foot operated machines or machines that the weld cyclinder is actuated via another method than via the weld control.


Welding Tip Force Monitoring / Control


Resistance Brazing System – With INSTABRAZE you can effectively, economically and quickly braze similar or dissimilar metals without a torch or oven.