Unitrol SOLUTION Weld Control

Unitrol’s standard micro-processor controled Resistance Welding Control. Supports “Soft Touch” for resitance welding safety. Available in Single Phase or 3 Phase models.

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Unitrol Solution for 3 Phase Resistance Welding:

Repeatability: The Unitrol Solution® uses the most advanced digital electronics available – your guarantee of absolute timing accuracy and consistent heat control. It lets you set your machine and be confident of an accurate weld without the worry of constant adjusting, tweaking and fiddling associated with older type controls. Uniform, predictable, consistent welds repeated over and over again – that’s what the Unitrol Solution® is all about.

Reliability: The Unitrol Solution® is designed and built for continuous trouble-free production. Every unit is tested on a production welder before shipment to guarantee effectiveness of the high quality components utilized in each control. All functions have built-in trouble shooting indicators that save you valuable time and hours of guesswork.

Quality Control Features: The Unitrol Solution® offers options to maintain quality:

  • Tip Force Monitoring
  • Constant Weld Current
  • Computerized Heat Stepper
  • RS-232 & RS-485 Serial Communications
  • Electronic Pressure Regulator System

Standard Operating Features:

  • Microcomputer Control System offers ultimate flexibility with minimum components.
  • Factory Programmed Software to handle all welding functions – now and in the future.
  • All Standard NEMA Weld Functions built-in and usable on all schedules.
  • 75 Schedule Memory with all NEMA functions in each program.
    • COOL AFTER PREHEAT (great for welding galvanized steel)
    • WELD
  • Heat Stepper with computerized curve, requires only two values to be entered
  • Consistent Welder Output is assured with the Automatic Voltage Compensation (AVC). This option maintains welder output at +/- 2% with an input line voltage variation of +/- 12%.
  • Weld Heat “ON-THE-FLY” Change uses a “+” and “-” button on the keypad to increase or decrease the program heat by 1% each push. Change limits are customer set. Changing the heat setting this way does not change the permanent program heat setting.
  • Electronic Counter automatically displays welds made or completed parts welded.
  • Water Saver Circuit to drive 115 volt solenoid valve, conserve water and protect operator during tip replacement.
  • Retraction
  • Clamp Delay (ON delay or OFF delay)
  • Forge Delay (for welding high-carbon materials)
  • Light Curtain Function
  • Multi-Lingual Read-Out Display instantly keypad selectable for English, Spanish, French, Polish, or German.
  • Tip Pressure Calculation automatically calculates required pressure gauge setting for desired tip force.
  • Dual Level Initiation: Level A closes tips, Level B starts weld.
  • Anti-Tie Down for double palm button use, keypad selectable for latching or momentary operation.
  • Dual Heat: Two totally independent schedules.
  • Positive or Negative First 1/2 Cycle Firing, keypad selectable.
  • Half or Full Cycle Count, Keypad selectable.
  • Electronic Memory: No battery required. Retains all data for an unlimited time. Returns to last used program after power is turned on.

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