Advanced Welding With Smart Detection™

The pneumatic servo driven cylinder combines the best of both electric servo and pneumatic cylinders, in a simple design that will lower costs and improve quality on the production floor.

Tuffaloy Products, Inc., a company dedicated to welding technology and its applications in the manufacturing environment for over 75 years, presents the latest in Pneumatic ServoDrive cylinder which incorporates Smart Detection™ technology. The cylinder is fully integrated with ENTRON’s iPAK MFDC weld controls.

Smart Detection™ brings a range of features to the welding environment that improves productivity, reduces costs and reduces operational risks at a cost level far below equivalent technologies that are purchased separately and require integration.

The key benefits of SD System:

Secondary Contact Monitoring: Electrodes come together under low force and will automatically retract if an obstruction is met. Full welding force is not applied until contact with the work piece is sensed. Contact is sensed via two independent means: via measurement of the force in the servo system, and via ENTRON’s electrical secondary contact detector unit (SCM2), hence providing dual redundant operation.

Communication: SD System’s servo and weld controller are linked by both discrete signals and a communication channel. With risk reduction in mind, the system employs a dual-threaded architecture to drive these links independently. Correct correlation of the two is required before any motion can be initiated.

Production Speed, Low-Force Approach: With previous systems, “low-force” was synonymous with “slow-speed” which negatively impacted productivity and encouraged the risk reduction option to be defeated. The SD System’s low-force approach does not require compromise.

Stack Up Height Confirmation, Obstruction Detection, Programmable Retract, Mid & Weld Positions: The SD system can be programmed to, and can detect changes of one mil (0.001 inches) or less.

Programmable Weld Force & Cylinder Speed: SD System’s closed loop control ensures constant weld force throughout the entire weld regardless of work piece deformation.

Detection of a Missing Component: The SD System uses the same intelligence to detect a missing component (such as a missing nut during projection welding) as it also does for obstruction detection and stack up height confirmation.

At the core of the SD System is an intelligent pneumatic servo valve which controls all motion of the cylinder. This valve is calibrated during its production and never needs further adjustment. If anything happens to the electrical or mechanical components of the servo valve, the end users’ maintenance staff can disconnect the three cables, loosen four bolts, remove the damaged servo valve and attach a pre-calibrated replacement valve, which are kept in stock and are readily available from Tuffaloy.

Optionally, the SD cylinder’s servo valve can also be equipped with a failsafe valve which can be used to mechanically override the entire electrical system, forcing the electrodes apart when an unexpected dangerous condition is detected.

The SD System is programed using ENTRON’s proprietary NetFlash Windows based software. NetFlash is provided along with the system at time of purchase and is easily upgraded in the field at end users’ facilities. While the SD System can be operated using a traditional pendant, when connected to an HMI, the programability and end user experience are greatly enhanced during the operation of the welder.