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T. J. Snow offers a complete line of standard and custom designed resistance spot welders and projection welders, including automated multi-gun and special purpose spot welders. Additionally, we specialize in other types of resistance welders such as seam welders, butt and flash welders, capacitor discharge (CD) welders, bench welders, and micro spot welders. We also recondition or completely remanufacture and retool customer’s existing welders or select one from our large variety of used resistance spot welding machines.

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slimline spot welder

Designed to save valuable production floor space, T. J. Snow’s SlimLine Pedestal-type Resistance Spot and Projection Welders are value-priced, durable machines that can be shipped quickly. Ideal for welding nuts and studs to metal stampings, SlimLines are available in a platen-style machine with a flat lower tooling plat or a horn-style design with a lower spot welding arm and electrode holder.

Designed to produce high welding forces without deflection, T. J. Snow’s heavy duty press-type resistance welders are available in three different set-ups – Spot Welder (with arms), Projection Welder (with platens), Seam Welder and Combination Spot and Projection Welder (arms & platens). Standard AC transformer sizes range from 50-500 kVA and custom options available. MFDC and Three Phase Frequency Converter power supplies also available.

T. J. Snow’s Rocker Arm spot welders feature heavy duty frames and stacked core transformers that can produce the amps and weld force needed even with long arms installed. Light and heavy duty frames are offered with various arm lengths and configurations.

TECNA offers a vast range of spot and projection welding machines and manufactures a line of products and accessories for resistance welding machines including Portable Guns, Rocker Arm Spot Welders, Press Spot Welders, MFDC Press/Spot Welders, and Balancers.

T. J. Snow is a distributor of Transgun and Cable Type Weld Portable Resistance Spot Welding Guns. Please call for information on new and used portable gun equipment options.

T. J. Snow is a distributor of top-of-the-line, handheld or pneumatic spot welding guns with integrated transformers and digital weld controls. Available in 2-6 kVA. TECNA® spot welding guns are a great replacement for Miller Electric’s discontinued line of spot welders. Pedestal-mounted options are available.

T. J. Snow is a distributor of TECNA Mid Frequency Inverter Spot Welding Guns. Available in 50-90 kVA.

Designed for high-precision, mass production, capacitor discharge resistance welding solutions are available from T. J. Snow ranging from 1- 160 kJoules. Capacitor discharge resistance welding is ideal for projection, press-fit and annular ring projections up to 4.5″ diameter. Low marking welds can be better achieved due to the minimal heat affected zone.

Resistance seam welders are built similar to press-type resistance welders except that the welding force is applied with two rotating copper wheels and the control adjusts the rotating speed and secondary amperage output. The resulting welds can continuous seams, overlapping spot welds, or evenly spaced roll spot welds. 

Featuring a high thrust force servo-controlled actuator with slow approach, the upper electrode of T. J. Snow’s Servo SlimLine Welder moves fast and then decelerates just before making contact with the metal to be welded.

Customizable for many applications, the SlimLine Multi-Gun Welder is efficient and economical.

T. J. Snow’s custom designed resistance welding machines are built to meet the requirements and production quota of our customer’s end product. Equipped with value added features such as automation and tooling, custom machines provide efficiency and quality.

T. J. Snow manufactures a heavy duty butt welder designed for high production rates. With a powerful 55 kVA dual voltage water cooled transformer, these machines can butt weld up to 3/8″ diameter CRS wire. An ENTRON Model EN1000 control is standard, but other brands are available by request.

Flash welding brings two pieces of metal together during the arc-flash process and welds them together end to end.

Our refurbished and remanufactured used spot welders are a great value because they are designed to meet the highest industry standards and perform quality resistance welds. We offer Fast Ship T. J. Snow Spot Welders as well as used welding machinery from other manufacturers like LORS, Sciaky, Taylor-Winfield, Banner, and Federal Welder.

By partnering with premier robotics solution providers, T. J. Snow delivers valuable resistance welding concepts that enhance production and provide the best automation solution tailored to fit your needs.

T. J. Snow offers compact, bench-type spot and projection welders featuring a sturdy, machined ‘C’ type frame. Our bench welders are designed to minimize deflection and easily integrate with AC or MFDC transformers and weld controls.

With options ranging from 4 oz. to 150 lbs. of force, Microwelders are the perfect solution for welding batteries, medical devices, electronics, laboratory, automotive and aerospace applications. Microwelders deliver the high quality, precision small parts welding capabilities required with a variety of configurations and options.

T. J. Snow offers a full line of Stud Welding equipment including manual handheld gun, a handheld gun with an auto-feeder, a gun mounted on a stand, or a fully-automated gun on a multi-axis CNC table that can feed multiple types of studs and accommodate multiple guns. We offer solutions for all of these options. Stud Welding is simply the attachment of a stud to a metal surface without adding or removing any material in the process.

resistance welding tooling

Special tooling, whether it’s a retool of an existing machine or a new concept for a standard or custom designed machine, can be designed in-house to fit your parts and specs. Our fully-equipped machine shop can quickly turn concepts into a reality. Equipped with state-of-the-art CMM Faro arm and CNC machining centers, we can do it fast and to tighter tolerances.

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