Intertron Model IN200/300

After Market Replacement Control Boards for Entron EN200 or EN300 Series Controllers

The control board is installed with 4 screws in the same location as the board it replaces. All sockets connecting ribbon cables are located in the same place. Total installation is less than 5 minutes.

Standard Features:

The IN200/300 Control Board reads all thumb wheel switches and executes all the normal control functions such as:

  • HEAT 1 & 2
  • HOLD
  • OFF
  • PS
  • E. STOP
  • REPE
New Features this Replacement Board Adds:
  1. Weld transformer 1/2 cycle detection with internal switch override and error message display.
  2. Internal switch selects 1/2 cycle alternate polarity operation.
  3. Internal switch sets 87 degree limit on or off.
  4. An ERROR MESSAGE LED flashing 1 to 4 flashes every two seconds halts the controller and alerts the operator of a specific problem. One LED is on the control board, another is located on the IN200/300 AUXILIARY BOARD FRONT PANEL.
  5. OPTIONAL FEATURE: Internal switch allows the end user to perform a THUMB WHEEL SWITCH OPERATIONAL INTEGRITY TEST with VISUAL FEEDBACK. (Confirm the thumb wheel is sending the same that it is reading.)


What on earth is that and who needs it? Thumb wheel switches are known to have a reasonable degree of reliability, as test of time reports suggest. General standard practice in maintenance is: If it appears to work, don’t mess with it.

Thumb wheel switches are rotary mechanical devices which convert the displayed decimal numbers 00-99 to binary mechanical positions and are read electronically by an electronic counter or a microprocessor. Due to wear over long-time use, and sometimes early mechanical partial failure, thumb wheel switches will cause a predetermined CYCLE COUNT to change from its initially preset value tested when a weld schedule was originally qualified.

To do periodic testing was unthinkable years back because of it required the use of sophisticated test equipment and very expensive technical assistance. But the simplicity of thumb wheel switch OPERATOR INTERFACE is now aided by the operating sophistication of a microprocessor. It allows the OPERATOR IN DOUBT, with the aid of a very simple LED VISUAL FEEDBACK, to check and verify with absolute certainty the OPERATIONAL INTEGRITY of any selected thumb wheel switch.

How often have you wondered, for example, if number 25 in HEAT COUNT is really 25, 26 or something else? NO MORE. Flip on the test switch, set that thumb wheel switch to 05, then to 20. The ERROR MESSAGE LED will show you 5 flashes for 05 and 2 for 20 on both sections of the same thumb wheel switch.

WONDER NO MORE. When in doubt, a simple check will give you peace of mind. To order this optional function with the Intertron IN200/300 control board, order Intertron Model IN200/300-1.

Intertron Products:
Single Phase:

100 | PC100 | 105 | 108

109A | IN200/300 | 375 | 1000

Three Phase:

301B | 302A | 302C | 375


The AUXILIARY BOARD FRONT PANEL screws in the cabinet with two screws in an empty slot adjacent to the front panel plate. This panel provides additional upgrade features to the standard IN200 REPLACEMENT BOARD. Both boards together replace the EN300 control board, with additional features.

Seven sets of thumb wheel switches increase the control capability with the following functions:

  • % CURRENT #2