MM-123A Weld Checker

The MM-123A is the very latest in stand-alone weld checker technology. This multi-functional weld checker comes in small, compact design.

The MM-123A now features voltage monitoring. This allows you to monitor important variable for quality control.

The MM-122A uses a Toroidal coil for sensing. The correct coil needs to be matched to your application – MB-400M/MB-800M.



  • Measures Single Phase AC, DC Inverter, AC Inverter, Capacitor Discharge, Transistor
  • Newly Added – Voltage Monitoring
    • Allows you to monitor voltage & current at the same time
  • Improved measuring precision
    • Enables to measure the RMS based on ISO 17657 without any exceptions
  • Upper/Lower limit judgement
    • Detection of errors that can occur welding problems is available
  • Long time measuring
    • Available for measuring in 3000ms, and this feature is suitable not only for spot welding but also fusing
  • Communication
    • The new product offers Ethernet (TCP/IP) and it enables one-way/two-way communication
    • Uniform management at lap top is available by transmitting the monitor data or error data
    • The two-way communication implements input/output of schedule data


Configuration of Connection


Miyachi MM-123A Weld Tester Specifications

Measurement SpecificationCurrentRange0.100~2.000kA / 1.00~20.00kA / 10.0~200.0kA
ItemsPeak / RMS* / arithmetic mean RMS
VoltageRange0.30~6.00V / 1.0~20.0V
ItemsPeak / RMS / arithmetic mean RMS
JudgementCurrent/Voltage/Time31 schedule of upper/lower limit
No currentAvailable
Main body SpecificationDisplay4 figures digital display (7 segment LED)
Detection methodToroidal coil, Voltage detection cable (options)
Power supplySingle-phase 90 to 250 V AC (50/60Hz) / 24 V DC ±10%
Power consumption12W
External data outputEthernet (Protocol: TCP / IP)
Ambient temperature / humidity during operationTemperature 0~45℃ / humidity less than 90% (non-condensation)
Temperature / humidity during transportTemperature -10~55℃ / humidity less than 90% (non-condensation)
Outer dimensions / Mass70(W) x 248(D) x 187(H) Not including projections / 2kg

For further information, please contact T. J. Snow. We will be glad to help you select the weld checker for your needs and budget.

Optional Accessories: Toroidal Coils

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