Fine Spot Resistance Welding Heads

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Miyachi’s fine spot weld heads excel in providing consistent, precise, high quality welds at low pressures. Their variable pressure settings range from 4 oz. up to 150 lbs. and their low inertia design, coupled with their force firing system, ensures a quick dynamic response that initiates the weld control at the precise moment when the preset electrode force is applied to the workpiece.

Miyachi’s fine spot weld heads are designed for either in-line or series welding. For automated applications, they can be used with an air actuation system for repeatable, reliable high speed operation.

The variety of fine spot weld heads allows for their use with a wide range of welding applications. Typical applications include battery pack assembly, small Electro-mechanical parts, miniature lamps, switch contacts, electrical connectors, and terminal connections. Whatever your application, the high performance and durability of these welders will deliver the high quality, precision small parts welding capabilities you require.

T. J. Snow carries a full line of the Miyachi products for Microjoining and Microwelding applications. If you are not sure what fits your application, feel free to contact us for further assistance.

Also feel free to review typical applications of Micro-welding equipment.

Specifications of Miyachi Fine Spot Resistance Welding Heads

Weld Pressure:4 oz. - 20 lbs.4 oz. - 20 lbs.2 - 100 lbs.5 - 50 lbs.7 - 150 lbs.
Maximum Rating:2 KVA 5 KVA 20 KVA 20 KVA 30 KVA 
250 watt-seconds250 watt-seconds875 watt-seconds875 watt-seconds1000 watt-seconds
Maximum Electrode Stroke:1.0 inches 1.0 inches 1.25 inches 1.25 inches 1.5 inches 
25 mm25 mm32 mm32 mm38 mm
Depth:5.75 inches 5.75 inches 7.75 inches 10.75 inches 6.2 inches 
146 mm146 mm197 mm273 mm157 mm
Maximum Tip Distance:1.0 inches 4.75 inches 3.5 inches 4 inches 1.5 inches 
25.4 mm122 mm88.9 mm101.6 mm38.1 mm
Electrode Diameter:.125 inches .25 inches .125 inches .25 inches .25 inches 
3.2 mm6.4 mm3.2 mm6.4 mm6.4 mm
Electrode Holder:OffsetSeriesOffsetSeriesIn-line
Air Pressure Version: Yes Yes Yes StandardStandard
Previous Model #:MH-80AMH-88AMH-180AMH-188AMH-90A

For further information, please contact T. J. Snow. We will be glad to help you select the correct system for your application.

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