Entron Controls for Resistance Welding EN1000 Cascade/Multi-Valve Controls

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  • Functional Flexibility
    Performs both Cascade and MultiValve operations. Store as many as 13 parameters in each of 100 unique schedules.
  • Simple to Program
    Push buttons and a short three-step procedure make easy work of programming any possible welding schedule.
  • Quality Tested to Performance Extremes
    Each unit is tested to its maximum capability to assure performance at customary operating levels. ENTRON – the only resistance welding controls with the excellent performance history


  • Spot Sequence
  • Pulsation Sequence
  • Up & Down Slope
  • Quench/Temper
  • Forge Delay
  • Multiple Weld/Multiple Current Sequence
  • Preheat/Postheat
  • External Schedule Select
  • Process & Error Outputs
  • Seam Sequence



  • 100 Unique Schedules
  • Chained & Successive Modes
  • Repeat & Non-Repeat
  • Weld & Valve Control Relays
  • 8/16 Valve Output Available
  • Multiple Weld Programming
  • Multiple Job Set-Ups
  • Easily Programmed
  • Program Only the Functions Required
  • Up to 8 SCRs



    • Design Simplicity
      Design simplicity is the key to our ability to manufacture the highest quality weld control with the best delivery, least maintenance, and lowest out of warranty service in the industry
    • Field Expandable
      Entron can provide retrofit controls suitable for any manufacturer’s controls of any age, type or sequence for installation in the field.
    • Vault Closing Door Mechanism
      All cabinet doors equipped with vault locking mechanism to ensure security.
    • Flexible Applications
      EN1000 Cascade/Multi-Valve Controls can be applied to mat welders, pass-through welders, special machines, robotic equipment for welding materials of unequal thickness and coated materials.
    • Multiple Cabinet Options
      Available in D, T, L, H, G, U cabinet styles with front or sidemounted control panels.
    • Available Options
      Remote Data Entry Program Lockout Switch RS 232 Port Interface Schedule Select Valve Select (1 of 7) Option RS485

Unique to ENTRON. All EN1000 Cascade/Multi-Valve Controls and cabinets feature provisions for field installation or change of circuit breakers



Absolute Count:
Push Button Data Entry with Display

  • Squeeze Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Weld Count/Heat Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Cool Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Hold Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Off Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Weld Impulse Counter: 1 to 99 Impluses
  • Slope Control/Up and Down Slope: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Digital Phase Shift Current Control, 10 to 99% in 1% current steps, all weld current functions
  • It is NOT necessary to program functions NOT required, program only functions required

Standard RWMA/NEMA Programmable Functions
Including the following as examples:

  • Up Slope and Down Slope
  • Quench/Temper
  • Pulsation Sequence
  • Multi-Weld Count/Multi-Current Select
  • Pre-Heat/Post-Heat
  • Forge Delay

4 Cycle Modes

  • Non-Repeat: Single Schedule upon initiation
  • Repeat: Single Schedule repeated with pilot circuit held closed
  • Successive: Upon each initiation, unique successive schedules are automatically selected
  • Chained: Multiple schedules can be linked to operate sequentially upon a single initation

Additional Features

  • Error Code/Fault Outputs
  • 87⁰ First Half Cycle Delayed Firing, Anti-Saturation Circuit
  • Dynamic Automatic power Factor Equalization
  • Dynamic Automatic Voltage Compensation, +20% of Nominal Line
  • Emergency Stop Circuit
  • Interlocking Pressure Switch Circuit
  • Single Stage Pilot/2 Stage Pilot, Beat/Non-Beat Operation
  • Indicator Lights:
      • Weld Contactor Output Position Indicators
      • Valve Output Position Indicators

    Indicator Lights for all functions on display panel

  • Valve Transformer: 150VA 230/460-115V, Standard
  • Order 1 – 8 contactors; 8 Valve outputs standard, all controls

The EN1000 Cascade/Mulit-Valve Series Control is ideal for programming schedules for single or multiple transformer resistance welding machines with multiple valve operations.

  • Store up to 100 UNIQUE SCHEDULES
    • Every parameter of each schedule individually accessible
    • Each schedule can store 13 distinct and totally different parameters
    • All schedules retained in memory with power off
    • It is NOT NECESSARY to program functions not required
  • Four Cycle Modes can be programmed for complex welding schedules
  • Select and Program up to 8 VALVE CIRCUITS, STANDARD
  • Independently selectable and programmable
  • Control can be configured with 1 to 8 CONTACTORS, independently selectable and programmable
  • Process Control Outputs
  • Additional Standard Features:
    • External Schedule Select
    • Contactor Failed Detection (Circuit breaker with shunt trip, optional)
  • Control can be INTERFACED with external Programmable Logic Control (PLC); Advanced interfaces available
D or T610 mm
645 mm
254 mm
Firing Circuit or 300A1200A
LS or LF914 mm
794 mm
254 mm
Firing Circuit or 300A1200A1800A
HS or HF1067 mm
949 mm
254 mm
Firing Circuit or 300A1200A1800A2200A
GS or GF1219 mm
949 mm
254 mm
US or UF1254 mm
949 mm
254 mm
  • Vault Closing Door Mechanism Standard on all enclosures.
  • Water barrier between contactors and electronic components in L, H, G, and U Cabinets.
  • All SCR contactors complete with temperature limit switch.

See COMPREHENSIVE PRICE LIST for a complete list of Options, Circuit Breakers, Accessories and Special Features.

EN1000 Cascade

EN1000 Cascade

EN1000 Cascade T Cabinet

EN1000 Cascade D Cabinet

EN1000 Cascade UF Cabinet

EN1000 Cascade US Cabinet


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