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  • Use in Retrofit, New, or Custom Designs
  • Keeps Shipping Costs Economical – Use in situations where shipping weight is a factor.
  • Customize Designs to Match Existing Systems
  • Low Cost
  • Easily Serviced
  • Multiple Options Available
  • No Need to Replace Primary Wiring, Disconnect, and SCRs
  • Replaces “Works in a Drawer” Chassis in Older European Machines
  • Include Weld Control as Part of Machine Cabinet



  • Standard ENTRON product in component form
  • Various ENTRON models available
  • Four basic design choices
  • Use to retrofit older ENTRON controls to current technology
  • Use to retrofit competitor’s controls to current ENTRON technology; complete with special hardware and precautionary labeling



  • Multiple configurations allow integration into various machine types and styles
  • Single contactor controls
  • Multiple contactor controls
  • Cascade Flat Plate designed to ease retrofit of older ENTRON controls
  • Fires certain special SCR assemblies with integrated pulse transformer


Available Models

  • EN1000
  • EN1000 Cascade
  • EN1001
  • EN1001 Cascade
  • EN1500
  • EN2000



    • Primary Coil – P2, P5, P10
    • Secondary Coil – S6, S10
    • RS232/485
    • Pressure Control System (IPSC)
    • Schedule Select (S49 or S99)
    • Remote Data Entry (RDEjr.)
    • Remote Terminal (RT4jr.)
    • Memory Modules (MM2 or MM8)
    • DC Valves
    • Valve Select 1 of 7
    • Terminal Strip Skip (TSS)
    • Spanish Dial Plate Overlays

Available SCR Contactor Assemblies For External Mounting

SCR Contactors available at discount when ordered with Flat Plate Control


Cascade Retrofit Flat Plate

11×11 Flat Plate Dimensions

21×21 Flat Plate Dimensions

Cascade Flat Plate Dimensions

IMU Dimensions


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