Entron Controls for Resistance Welding EN2000

Dual Schedule/Dual Sequence S2H Controls

The EN2000 Series Control is ideal for programming schedules for most welding applications for ferrous and some non-ferrous metals, multiple thickness of materials and special part configurations.

  • Store Two Schedules
  • Every parameter of each schedule individually accessible
    Each schedule can store 5 distinct and totally different parameters
    All schedules retained in memory with power off

  • Single contactor circuit
  • Single valve circuit
    Contactor failed detection

  • Control can be INTERFACED with external Programmable Logic Control (PLC)


  • Simple to Program
  • Direct Reading Digital Data Display
  • Simplified Design
  • Quality Tested to Performance Extremes
  • Each unit is tested to its maximum capability to assure performance at customary operating levels.
    ENTRON is the only resistance welding controls with the excellent performance history.

  • Dedicated Dual Schedule/Dual Sequence Controls
  • Designed for use with single phase welding machines, rocker arm, press type welders, robotic equipment, and special machines.



  • Spot Sequence
  • Dual Weld/Dual Current Sequence
  • External Schedule Select
  • Error Outputs
  • LED Status Indicators
  • All Functions Displayed Simultaneously



  • Two Schedules
  • Repeat & Non-Repeat
  • Weld & Valve Control Relays
  • One Valve Output
  • Dual Weld Programming
  • Easily Programmed



  • Design Simplicity
  • Design simplicity is the key to our ability to manufacture the highest quality weld control with the best delivery, least maintenance, and lowest out-of-warranty service in the industry.

  • Field Expandable
  • ENTRON can provide retrofit controls suitable for any manufacturer’s controls of any age, type or sequence for installation in the field.

  • Vault Closing Door Mechanism
  • D & T cabinet doors equipped with vault locking mechanism to ensure security.

  • Applications
  • EN2000 Single Contactor Controls can be applied to spot welders, special machines, or robotic equipment for welding.

  • Multiple Cabinet Options
  • Available in D & T cabinet styles with front or side-mounted control panels.



Absolute Count:
Push Button Data Entry with Display

  • Squeeze Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Weld Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Hold Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Off Count: 0 to 99 cyc, 50/60 Hz
  • Digital Phase Shift Current Control, 10 to 99% in 1% current steps, all weld current functions
  • Dual Weld Count/Dual Percent Current Adjust – Front Panel and External Select
  • Non-Repeat: Single Schedule upon initiation
  • Repeat: Single Schedule repeated with pilot circuit held closed

Additional Features

  • 87⁰ First Half Cycle Delayed Firing, Anti-Saturation Circuit
  • Dynamic Automatic Power Factor Equalization
  • Dynamic Automatic Voltage Compensation, +20% of Nominal Line
  • Emergency Stop Circuit
  • Interlocking Pressure Switch Circuit
  • Single Stage Pilot/2 Stage Pilot
  • Indicator Lights for all functions on display panel
  • Valve Transformer:
    • 150VA 230/460-115V, E, D & T Cabinets
    • 50VA 230/460-115V, S Cabinets
  • One Valve output standard, all controls
FP279 mm
279 mm
Please Contact Factory
S222 mm
222 mm
419 mm
150A / 300A1200A
E533 mm
222 mm
419 mm
D or T610 mm
645 mm
254 mm

All SCR contactors complete with temperature limit switch, except 150 ampere contractors.

Circuit Breakers available in D and T cabinets only. Consult factory for Circuit Breaker pricing. 100, 200 and 400 ampere

  • Circuit Breakers are available in D and T cabinets with right hand, flange mounted operator installed within the cabinet.
  • Consult factory for availability of 600 ampere Circuit Breakers.

See COMPREHENSIVE PRICE LIST for a complete list of Options, Circuit Breakers, Accessories and Special Features.


D Cabinet

E Cabinet

S Cabinet

T Cabinet


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